Blumotion Drawer Runners

Hart Wholesale are extremely proud to be a leading provider of a selection of high quality Blum drawer runners including Blum Tandem runners. Blum is a specialist in the furniture industry, providing and producing hinges, lift and runner systems for a variety of different products. All of the blum products carry a lifetime guarantee.

In this section you will find our extensive range of drawer runners, which are guaranteed to suit all individual needs.

Our range is extremely versatile, and cannot be matched in quality or price. They are all made with meticulous detail, including all the features and benefits that you expect from a Blum creation.

Effortless Blum Soft Close Drawer Runners Available

We are happy to stock Blum’s enormously popular MOVENTO drawer runners, which include an effortless integrated soft closure. This type of drawer runner has been effectively designed to provide users with the highest level of silent and smooth motion for their furniture.

They allow total adjustability and stability to inhibit sideways sway. This type of Blum soft close drawer runners come with a dynamic carrying capacity of 40kg and 60kg, and are guaranteed to last for the whole lifespan of the furniture.

High Quality Drawer Runners For The Wood Work Industry

Our range of Accuride drawer runners are perfect for those working in the woodwork industry. Whether you are working on home or office furniture, Accuride offers you a smooth and professional close. They give users comfortable movement, whilst maintaining immense strength and precision.

Contact Hart Wholesale For the Complete Range Of Drawer Runners

All of our products including Blum hinges are high quality and professionally finished, providing you with everything you need to finish your projects. Whether you’re looking for standard Blum drawer runners or Blum soft close drawer runners, you’ll find it right here in our range. Hart Wholesale promises to provide you with brilliant customer service, and if can’t find what you need on our site, please call or email us and we will be able to help you further.


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