Sliding Doors

These are especially useful systems for rooms or areas with limited space. We have systems available that allow the doors to slide into the wall cavity space, these are called pocket door slides, or they can slide parallel to the wall. The nature of these slides ensures that space around the doors can be utilised, rather than being taken up by the needs of a swing door. If you are designing a house, it is essential to factor in pocket doors ahead of time as these cannot be easily retrofitted. The other sliding doors in our range can, however, easily be added retrospectively to a door frame.

Furniture Sliding Doors

Many of the sliding doors systems in these ranges are also available for use in furniture, such as a sliding TV cabinet door or similar. The slides all have weight capacity information available, so it is essential that you check the slides you want can withstand the application you need them for. We also have a wide number of slide lengths available, this will make sure you can find sliding door tracks no matter the length you need.

For More Information, Please Get In Touch

We have been selling sliding doors and door systems for a very long time. We understand the considerations you need to make when choosing the right product for your intended application. If you would like further assistance, selecting sliding door systems or otherwise, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on 01702614044 or fill out our online form.


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