Back to Basics: Knock Down Fittings

By Martin Hart on Thu 05 March 2020

Here at Hart Wholesale we pride ourselves on our fantastic Blum Aventos range, though that's not all we supply.

Imagine this:

You've come to work with the bare minimum again. You might have been in a rush or you might have been called out on an emergency (some piece of furniture might have desperately needed throwing together for instance). The problem now is that you're missing certain items in your toolkit. Items which, without, now make your task all that more time consuming and harder to complete.

Instead of fretting over how to assemble your furniture without specialised tools, take a minute to breathe and bask in the beauty of knock down fittings.


What Are Knock Down Fittings?

Because the creators of these wonderful fixings know the hassle and pain of forgotten equipment, of the irritation at sticky, messy glue and of the annoyance of bulky clamps being hauled about, knock down fittings are fixtures specifically designed to be assembled easily with limited tools, no clamps and no glue.

How cool is that? Instead of turning up to a job and worrying yourself over the task at hand, you're able to get straight to work with no trouble at all!



Basic Tools For Simple Use

Have you ever taken the time to appreciate your screwdriver? If you've forgotten everything else, we're certain you have a screwdriver on your person somewhere. Perhaps it's hidden at the bottom of your emergency toolkit? Or maybe it's under the passenger seat of your car? Either way there's a reason why a toolkit should have this essential piece of equipment. For times when you've nothing but knock down fittings at hand, all you need to complete your quality furniture fitting, is a humble screwdriver.

If the unthinkable occurs and you find yourself without a screwdriver, a basic set of Allan Keys, or even a trusty hammer could help you assemble the perfect sofa, a family dining table or even a bed!



Our range of quality knock down fittings such as connecting bracketsplug-in fittingsscan fittings and even surface mounted fittings plus many more are capable of handling any job, no matter how big or how small!

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