3 Reasons to Sign Your Building

By Martin Hart on Thu 05 March 2020

We have a tendency to take signs for granted... that is, until we find ourselves needing a sat-nav, an Ordnance Survey map and local directions given in various pitches just to find the bathroom of some buildings. The fact is, without carefully signed stairways and corridors, entering a new building would constantly feel like being dropped into a maze. We need signage in a building like we need cabinet handles on drawers; beyond the obvious, there are several key reasons why signs are important in a building.

Helps Keep Law and Order 
You'd be surprised at how confused and panicked some people can get when they don't know where they're going. All sense of self is thrown out of the window and stress kicks in. Next thing you know you see people quick walking from one corridor to the other, opening doors to cupboards, offices and the emergency exit without knowing which way is up.
Without signs to direct them chaos ensues and we wouldn't be surprised if you find one or two people stood in a corner, waiting for somebody to find them and take them to their correct location.


Helps Us Keep Effective Time Management
The last thing you want, when entering a new building, is to be late for an appointment. Imagine you're entering a building for a job interview. It never looks good if you turn up late to your interview, and though some future employers will understand the whole 'I got lost in your building and ended up in the ladies toilets on the second floor' issue, others won't.
What if you have a doctor's appointment and you turn up late? Chances are you've lost your chance and have to wait a tedious amount of time before you can be seen again. Clearly seen and coherent signs can help people keep their life working like clockwork.


They're Always Strangely Satisfying
It's fact that successfully navigating a strange, new building is ridiculously satisfying. You feel a sense of accomplishment, as if you have your entire life in order (kind of like when you wear a matching pair of socks). It's a little thing, but it helps you feel grounded and happy and, at the end of the day, isn't that what you want for your customers?
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