What’s Better: A Shower Curtain or a Glass Door?

By Martin Hart on Fri 06 March 2020

One of the most important rooms in any household is, without a shadow of a doubt, the bathroom. You might keep some your most exquisite and elegant products in there, including some beautiful bathroom accessories.

However, when it comes to customising your client’s shower or bath, there are a plethora of layouts, designs and styles to choose from. In this case, what’s better to have in their bathroom, a shower curtain or a glass door?

Benefits of Having a Shower Curtain 

One of the main benefits of having a shower curtain is that they are very customisable. This means that they can have a shower curtain for a few weeks and then, if they are bored of it and they want to go for something a bit more colourful and creative, they can easily change it.

This is a lot easier compared to changing a glass shower door, as they would have to use multiple tools, which can be a bit of a fiddly job and there could potentially be a situation where the glass door becomes damaged.

Shower curtains are also a lot easier to clean compared to glass doors, as shower curtains only require a cleaning agent and a quick wipe, whereas glass doors needed to be cleaned and maintained regularly.

Benefits of Having a Glass Door 

The most prominent benefit of a glass door is that they can completely protect the area outside of the shower, meaning that there are no wet patches on the outside that could lead to injuries such as slipping.

If your client has a completely separate shower instead of a bath and shower in one, then a glass door would be more beneficial, as they are able to create the illusion that the bathroom appears larger than it actually is.

The look of a glass shower door is more aesthetically pleasing compared to a shower curtain, so the decision is mainly down to the personal preference of the client.

Shower curtains are easy to maintain and install but they have a few flaws due to practicality, whereas glass shower doors are a little more difficult to install but they can look stunning.

If you are working on renovating or installing a brand-new bathroom, then we at Hart Wholesale are able to help. We can provide bathroom fixturesand even shower fittings and accessories so that you can fit the perfect shower for your client.

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