How to Choose the Perfect Lighting

By Martin Hart on Fri 06 March 2020

When you are installing lights into your client's home or business, one of the most important things to consider is how it will look as a finished product. 

Lights are one of the most important features of any room, as they give the room a personality. If you use dim light, the room will have an ambient feeling, which is great for setting a certain mood. But choosing the wrong type of light can lead to consequences. 

How Bright Do You Want It?

It may seem incredibly counter-intuitive to fit a light that is dim, but it is actually an important thing. Some jobs may require you to fit low energy lights or low voltage ones, depending on the situation. For example, low energy lights are great for environmentally-friendly shops, fluorescent tube lighting is frequently used for offices as they don't require a lot of energy and emit a reasonable amount of light, and LED lights are ideal for kitchens and living rooms, as they are places that require a good amount of light.

Matching the Aesthetic

Matching the lights with the ambience and design of the room is incredibly important. If you try to install lights that do not match the colour scheme and/or the overall ambience, it definitely wouldn't go down well with your client. Always make sure that the lights you install match what the client wants in their room or office.

For example, if your client owns a house that is incredibly old and they want you to install some new lights, they most likely wouldn't want you to install the latest LED light technology, as it wouldn't match anything in the house. Instead, they will be wanting old-fashioned yet efficient lighting.


Reduce the Amount of Glare

Glare can be a nuisance in any environment, whether at work or at home. At home, it gets very annoying if the position of the lights means that there is glare on their television and they aren't able to watch their favourite programmes. At work, it can get very annoying when the light above them causes glare on their computer screen.

When installing new lights, it is very important to consider how the lights will affect your client and use easy ways to reduce the amount of glare where possible.


By combining these important factors, you will be able to make your client's lives that little bit easier. Luckily, here at Hart Wholesale, there are lots of fantastic light fixtures to choose from. If you would like to know more about our wide range of products, then please don't hesitate to contact us! Give us a call today on 01702 614044 and one of our friendly members of staff will be more than happy to help with your enquiry.


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