Bathroom Trends of 2016

By Martin Hart on Fri 06 March 2020

Bathrooms are an integral, if often overlooked aspect of the home. While many rooms of the house are updated regularly, it can be years between bathroom remodels. This can often lead to the necessity for extensive work.

Tiling, fixtures, cabinets, showers and everything else will need replacing and this can be a big job for anyone, so it is important to make sure that you are going to be happy with the finished product. One way to make sure that you are happy with your finished bathroom for the foreseeable future is to make sure that you design it with knowledge of the latest fashion trends. With this in mind, here are this years’ best bathroom trends

Feature Floor Tiling

Tiles have always been a major feature of bathroom design, but this year they are set to take on a more decorative purpose rather than being simply functional. These decorative tiles can create an attractive feature for any bathroom, particularly when used alongside simple accessories.

Whilst this can be disastrous if done wrong, when it is right it looks simply amazing! As it is a bold design strategy, it is best to practice before hand, lay out the tile in the pattern required to make sure that it works and can be done in the first instance. Having it laid out prior to tiling will also make it faster to install.


Plant Life

Often bathrooms can be an empty, small and lifeless space, so people are choosing to add a little life to their bathrooms in the form of plants. The addition of these plants can be a great excuse to install shelving in order to accommodate for your new accessories!


Grey Tones

A style that is hotter than the sun this year is the overthrowing of colour in favour of many shades of grey. This adds coolness to the room, foregoing a brighter look for a sleeker and more modern interior design. In this case silver fittings are the best option to match all of this grey and complement the design aspect of it well.

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