Thinking Big: 4 Top Tips to Remodel a Small Bathroom

By Martin Hart on Fri 06 March 2020

Many houses have one big bathroom the whole family likes to use and then a small toilet downstairs no one seems to care much about – precisely because of its size. Sometimes they don’t even consider remodelling it because they have assumed it is not even worth the expense.

Your task here is to show your client how you can turn that small toilet into a functional and stylish room they will end up using as much the main bathroom – or even more!

Here there are four tips on how take the most of a small toilet. You can start thinking big!


1. Shower

Who said every bathroom must have a bathtub? These occupy a great deal of space and, let’s be honest, people don’t usually have the time to fill a whole bathtub with hot water and bubbles every morning. On the other hand, what everyone needs is a quick, refreshing shower at the beginning of the day. Plus saving water is good for the environment – and your clients’ wallet!

No matter how small the bathroom is, you can guarantee your client the installation of a shower they will want to use every day. Besides, a frameless glass shower will make the space look big and modern. If there is someone with mobility issues in the house, this is also the best solution as they won’t have to climb over the bathtub’s edge. Consider adding a straight grab rail inside the shower to maximize comfort. Fitting a shower comes with a lot of pros!

2. Wall-mounted Sink

There might not be enough space for a vanity, or your client may prefer a more minimalistic style. Wall-mounted sinks are particularly popular because of their light appearance. They are also the perfect solution to save space. In fact, some of them come with shelf-like surfaces or built-in towel bars which makes their design both modern and very functional! Don’t forget to check out our comprehensive range of bathroom taps to add the final touch.

3. Built-in Cabinets

If your client’s bathroom has old protruding furniture that could the first thing you can change to make the room look more spacious. There are a great range of built-in cabinets that will provide a lot of storage space for your clients so they also can keep everything from medicines to beauty products inside so they don’t overwhelm the scarce space available. Besides, adding mirrors to these cabinet’s doors is a good trick to create the illusion of the room being as least twice as large!

Combine your built-in cabinets with this three-armed towel rail, a stylish option to get maximum storage in a reduced space!

4. Bring the Lights In

A bright space doesn’t just look bigger but is also more inviting for everyone. And how can you bring more light into a tiny toilet? First, colours can make a huge difference, so if you’re changing the tiles for the wall or the floor, go for a smooth tone such as white.

Also, electrical light can improve the functionality of the bathroom. For instance, you can add recessed ceiling lights and task lightning – such as scones – around the mirror. Also, the shower is the place where many people like shaving – something that requires precision – so consider installing something like this fire shower light – your clients will appreciate it!


No matter how small the space is, there are always ways to expand it so your clients fall in love with their new, petit-style bathroom. We know you need the best-quality material to build your client’s dream, and that’s precisely what we offer you at Hart Wholesale. Check out our varied catalogue of bathroom fixtures and fittings to get new ideas, and don’t hesitate in contacting our friendly team if you have any inquiry!


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