How to Fit a Shower

By Martin Hart on Fri 06 March 2020

A shower is one of the most important fixtures in a home, as it is part of a place where we spend a lot of time: the bathroom. Installing a shower is done in two steps: installing the tray and then the cubicle. 

For that you will need a few simple tools and materials, starting with the shower tray:
  • Pencil
  • Spirit level
  • Sealant gun
  • Silicone sealant
  • Sand
  • Cement


Install the Shower Tray

After checking the right position of the tray on the floor, place it where it's going to be installed.  With the spirit level, make sure that the tray sits in a level position. With your pencil, draw a line on the hardboard floor to mark the shower tray's position.

After you place the tray on its final position, mark the opening for the waste. Ensure that there is enough space for the waste and for the pipe work below the tray. A common problem with shower installation is not leaving enough space for the pipes, which will result in the shower having a slight step up.

A clear waterproofing agent like sealant is needed to seal the area to provide a watertight seal. To support the tray, you will need a base of a minimum of 5mm thickness to guarantee that it stays level. Seal the edges of the tray with the silicone gun.


Fit the Shower Cubicle

To fit the shower cubicle, you'll need the following tools:

  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Spirit level
  • Wall plugs and screws
  • Sealant
  • Silicone gun


The cubicle might have doors with hinges that connect the glass doors to each other and help them fold as they open; after the cubicle is assembled per the manufacturer's instructions, be careful with the possible weight of it as you lift it to place it on the tray into the right position.

Using the spirit level, make sure that the cubicle wall rails are vertical and that the bottom rail is in the proper position. With your pencil, mark the wall through the pre-drilled fixing points in the cubicle rails.

Lift the cubicle out of position and drill holes for the screws, and then insert the wall plugs. Insert a vertical line of sealant behind the wall rails so that they are sealed to the wall.

After this step is complete, place the cubicle back in its position and screw the hinges into the wall with the drill. Ensure that all places where the cubicle meets the wall and the tray are sealed with silicone.


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