Complete Kitchen Makeover Ideas for Expert Tradesmen

By Martin Hart on Fri 06 March 2020

Sometimes you’re going to run into a customer who simply must have the best-designed kitchen, but hasn’t got a clue where to start in getting it. But at least you’ll be able to deliver on that (and look like a genius to boot!) with our thoughts on complete kitchen makeover ideas.



The very best kitchen designs marry gorgeous styles with genuine practicality. This is an important point to raise with your customer – they may have grand ideas of how the kitchen should look, but unless they can still use the kitchen, they’re probably going to blame your quality workmanship. No-one wants that. Give them a tour of the kitchen and explain why certain facets are important or their uses, so you can manage a customer’s expectations right from the off.



Fashions come and go and come again, right? That’s as true for clothing (except shoulder pads) as it is for interior design. So it’s important to consider what changes the customer may like to make in the future, and work around that. They’ll have a much better appreciation of what you’re doing – and more likely to employ you again – if they know that you’ve truly considered what they want against how those designs are likely to change in a few years.



Of course, kitchen makeovers and remodelling is usually down to improving the look, feel and overall style of the room. But it’s certainly not limited to that. Use your expertise to ensure that even the small parts are improved, making life just that little bit easier. For instance, you could suggest using quality Blum hinges that ensure a soft closing of cupboard doors; you might point out that lighting a certain area will not only add to the ambience, but also mean your customer will get more use from it.


Be creative in your suggestions, looking at how to improve your customer’s kitchen from not just a style point-of-view, but also from a more practical and useful point-of-view too. It’s a balance between giving them precisely what they want, while also assisting them with the more technical nature of certain kitchen fittings and extras. These are often areas the customer hasn’t considered, sometimes because they have no knowledge of them in the first place. So use your expertise and dazzle ‘em.


And for all your kitchen supplies, give us a bell and we’ll be absolutely delighted to help in any way we can. 


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