How to Choose the Right Type of Door Handle

By Martin Hart on Tue 03 July 2018

The expressions door knob and door handle are typically used interchangeably, but door handle refers to handles that move up and down and open a door. A door knob is typically static and used to pull doors open, but some function like a door handle.

Choosing the right door handle ensures that doors operate effectively and efficiently, and it must be taken into account for projects that involve installing new doors or replacing old door handles.

Mortice Knob

This type of door knob is utilised with either a lock or a latch mechanism that is set within the door itself. The backplates are fixed on the door knob area and typically attached by fixing screws to the door face. They are suitable for doors of 35-44mm thickness.

Disabled Access Handle

For use in disabled bathroom doors, disabled access handles have a lever on the inside of the door and a release slot on the outside to unlock the door in case of emergency. These latches are suitable for doors with a thickness between 40-54mm.

Lock Handle

Lock handles are typically used in conjunction with mortice sash locks. They also have a keyhole cut for where the lock will be placed on the door. For doors with a thickness between 35-54mm, these locks are an ideal choice.

Latch Handle

For internal use only and commonly mounted on a backplate, latch handles are installed in combination with tubular mortice lashes. These latches are a great choice for doors with a thickness between 35-44mm.

Euro Profile Handle

Commonly used for commercial buildings, they possess a keyhole in the shape of an enlarged euro. This is cut out of the backplate, ensuring that it can house a cylinder operated by key. These handles are utilised with a cylinder lock.

Privacy Handle

For doors with a thickness between 35-44mm, privacy handles are utilised in bathroom doors in combination with tubular mortice latches. A thumbturn is located on the inside of the door and a release slot on the outside of the door in case it needs to be unlocked in an emergency.

Door handles are important components to consider when installing a door. Using the proper design ensures that your clients’ projects match their requirements to the smallest detail. At Hart Wholesale we have only the highest quality door handles to guarantee you provide the best possible customer service to your clients. Get in touch with our friendly team to know more about our door handles.


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