Ways to Improve Your Kitchen This Summer

By Martin Hart on Fri 06 May 2022

The joys of summer need not be limited to outside your home. As your garden space flourishes with new life and vibrant colours, you too can invite a sense of warmth into your kitchen through a re-invigorating redesign.

The joys of summer need not be limited to outside your home. As your garden space flourishes with new life and vibrant colours, you too can invite a sense of warmth into your kitchen through a re-invigorating redesign.

An assessment of your kitchen will reveal the parts that no longer work for you or your family. Whether these faults are aesthetic, like the colour scheme, or practical, like the storage options, you should plan your new kitchen to solve these issues.


Fresh Start

The simplest way to improve your kitchen is with a thorough deep clean. This is more than your average daily tidy up after cooking. A thorough clean will work wonders to remove built-up dirt and grime in places you wouldn't usually clean on a daily basis and allow you to take stock of the state of your kitchen. This reset will be helpful ahead of deciding what you would like to change about your kitchen for the upcoming summer and beyond. 

Natural Materials

As experienced wholesale hardware distributors, we offer a broad range of worktop materials and adhesives and glues. There is pride in designing a kitchen and using bespoke materials you've chosen yourself. We offer a selection that encompasses timber, metal and even glass. Selecting natural materials for your food prep areas is an excellent way of embracing summer change. In particular, wooden counters with an appropriate finish give a natural feel to any kitchen. 

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Changing your kitchen cabinet doors will significantly affect the look of your kitchen. Replacing your current doors with natural materials connected with Blum clip on hinges will bring a soothing natural quality to your kitchen and make it a relaxing place.

Summer is the perfect time to add fresh flowers to your space. Adding a selection of flowers to your kitchen window sill is a great way to bring nature into your kitchen interior and blurb line between your exterior kitchen garden and the interior. Of course, you could upgrade your window flowers to an indoor herb garden for fresh herbs whenever you need them. 

Embrace Minimalism With Hidden Storage 

A cluttered kitchen can be an uninviting place. Having to constantly move items out of the way of where you want to work will get frustrating and make it more challenging to keep your work surfaces clean. As mentioned earlier, we believe that a summer kitchen is at its best when it's an open, inviting space. Improving your current storage options will assist you in achieving this.

Magic corners and Carousels are some of our most popular products for maximising your storage potential. These designs take advantage of those awkward corners in your kitchen and give you a lot more storage.


Similarly, our cabinet stays can achieve this same convenient result throughout the rest of your kitchen. Our Aventos lift systems, in particular, will give off a futuristic effect when your stored items are revealed when you need them. In addition, the ability to connect these to any cabinet front gives you the option of selecting a look that fits your kitchen perfectly.


At Hart Wholesale, we pride ourselves on our innovative and varied range of hidden storage solutions. These are spaces where you can maximise much-needed storage for your kitchen, creating a streamlined, clean environment to live in. 

A Glowing Kitchen

With longer summer days, you might feel like your kitchen lighting isn't as necessary as in the winter months. The truth is that effective lighting design will improve your kitchen all year round.

You want your kitchen to be a beautiful, inviting, and functional space at all times. Unfortunately, your chosen improvements to the design of your kitchen can be hampered by a lack of lighting to support it. 

Ambient Lighting

The positioning of the cabinets and appliances in your kitchen can create surprisingly dark sections that negatively contrast with the beautiful summer sunlight coming through your window. Ambient kitchen lighting is essential for balancing your interior light with brighter daylight outside. We recommend our ceiling LED lighting as a perfect solution for your ambient lighting. These ceiling lights will be unintrusive to your kitchen design but will provide a gentle overall increase in brightness in your kitchen, making your new design choices shine.



Task Lighting

Applying task lighting to your kitchen is a great way to improve its practicability during summer. With the bright light of the day beaming through the windows, stark shadows can be cast onto parts of your kitchen. Additionally, if you are using worktops under your window, you will have plenty of light to work with, but one attached to a wall will force you to have your back to the window and cast an annoying shadow over your food prep.

Task lighting is when you choose lighting solutions such as the LED display profiles we provide at Hart Wholesale that can eliminate these shadows. While task lighting won't brighten your whole kitchen space, they effectively illuminate those important food prep areas such as worktops with innovative design solutions such as cabinet lights.

Hart Wholesale: Expert Kitchen Wholesaler

As expert wholesale hardware distributors, we can help you improve your kitchen in time to enjoy it all summer. At Hart Wholesale, we stock a broad range of options for enhancing your kitchen, so why not browse our entire kitchen selection online today and discover how we can help you.


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