Regular Tool Maintenance For High-Quality Tools

By Martin Hart on Wed 04 March 2020

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Professional tradesmen are generally aware that trying to save money by purchasing cheap tools is a false economy and it makes more sense to invest in good quality brands. High-quality tools last longer and provide the improved finish and quality that's needed when working in trades for a living.

Once you've invested a substantial sum of money in top quality tools, it makes sense to take good care of all your working implements, ensuring a longer life and enhanced performance.

Tips to Maintain Tools


Follow these simple tips to get the best performance out of your tools and working implements at all times:


1. At the end of a job don't just throw your tools haphazardly into your work bag as this can cause damage and breakages. Stow all your work implements neatly into your carrying bag, ideally fixing them into place to ensure safety in transit.


2. Cleaning tools regularly help prolong lifespan and remove any build-up of grease, oil or grime. Wiping down each tool after use and giving them a deep clean every six months or so will prolong their lifespan and ensure that dirt does not cause a negative impact on their performance.


3. Sharpen all blades on a regular basis. Dull saw blades and power tool blades can slip and cause damage or scratches in the workplace. Dull blades also pose a health and safety risk to users, so take time to ensure all blades maintain their sharpness.


4. Rust and corrosion can be prevented by spraying all moving parts with an all-purpose lubricant.


5. Store tools away carefully when they are not in use. Wear and tear on tools is frequently a result of improper storage or transportation. Keep your tools in a dry place, protected from excessive heat or cold. If your storage area has too much moisture in the environment it can cause corrosion and damage to metal elements of tools or to tools with electrical components. Check any tool storage areas on a regular basis to make sure the environment remains continually effective for tool storage.


6. If you keep all your tool manuals in a safe place you can refer to them for troubleshooting advice and information anytime your tools don't perform at optimum levels. You invested a good deal of money into buying your work tools, so investing the time for regular tool care and maintenance is an important aspect to your job and to ensure your continued professionalism in any work location. No matter how durable a tool appears, the care and attention you pay to cleaning will pay you dividends over the long term and prevent any premature wear and tear to your equipment. Frequent mishandling of your tools will likely result in loss of sharpness or you may even need to entirely replace your tools.

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