How To Achieve “Industrial-Style” Interior Design

By Martin Hart on Thu 05 March 2020

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One of the biggest trends in 2017 - which looks set to continue throughout the coming months - is to design rooms in private properties and businesses with an “industrial” theme.

It’s believed that the popularly of industrial style kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and workspaces is a reaction to the period of change and uncertainty in the UK. This interior design style relies on a touch of nostalgia, but also things that are solid, stripped back and reliable.

Perhaps one of its biggest advantages though, is that it is relatively inexpensive to create the industrial look in homes and businesses, using carefully selected décor, structures and accessories (such as those stocked by Hart Wholesale).


What Is Industrial-Style Interior Design?

In a nutshell, this theme uses the sort of materials you would find in a traditional factory or warehouse but forms them into something stylish and welcoming. So, for example, it relies on a lot of metal work – particularly iron – and darker woods. You will often find old factory equipment, or even bicycles, repurposed to create shelving or wall art for example, Exposed brickwork is a common feature of industrial-style interiors, some homes and workspaces leave pipework exposed to add to the look as well.

What Lies Beneath? Flooring For This Design Trend

Flooring would tend to be stone or stone-effect, or hardwood floor. But of course, in the modern era, homeowners and the commercial sector want the comfort factor too; even if the look is stripped back and natural. That’s when the underfloor heating components sold by Hart Wholesale come into their own. The floor can look reassuringly simple and stripped back, but it offers all the warmth and reliability you could possibly want.

Lighting When Decorating Or Refurbishing In An Industrial Style

Lighting would usually be metal pendants hanging from the ceiling, much as you would have in a traditional factory. However, the subtle lighting effects of inlaid LED lights, such as those stocked by Hart Wholesale, add to the authentic and uncomplicated look that is part and parcel of industrial style room designs.

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Colour Choices

When creating kitchens, bathrooms, living room or workspaces in this style, deciding colour schemes is easier, as they would echo the darker, earthier tones of metal and wood. Though some specifiers do add splashes of vibrant colours to industrial style refurbishments and redecorating for added warmth.

The Finishing Touches For Industrial Style Decors

If you are asked to produce this reassuringly simple interior design style - for individual commissions and projects – it’s important to look closely at the details.

For example, if it is being used in a bathroom, ornate or very contemporary taps from Hart Wholesale may not blend in. However, Ixia Taps would look strong and in-keeping with an industrial style décor.

We also offers a range of strong-looking metal cabinet and door handles and knobs, to ensure you find one that matches the overall design aim.

Do you need more help in choosing hardware for a redecorating or refurbishment project that is heavily themed? The team at Hart Wholesale are always happy to make suggestions. Simply contact us on 01702 614044or visit the showroom at 1-5 Rosshill Industrial Park, Sutton Road, Southend on Sea, Essex SS2 5PZ.


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