Why Safety Footwear Is Essential

By Martin Hart on Thu 05 March 2020


Whether you're working on a renovation or a construction site, it's always important to go in prepared. Whilst most of us ensure that all our tools and equipment are on site, there are still quite a few that overlook safety equipment. Building sites aren't exactly forgiving places and pose many potential hazards, making it absolutely essential that safety gear is worn at all times.

Whilst some large scale construction companies will provide workers with hi-vis equipment and helmets if necessary, it's up to the workers themselves to ensure they have arguably one of the more important safety accessories - boots. 


High Risk

No-matter what project you're working on, as a tradesperson, your feet are always in jeopardy of being injured. It doesn't matter if the threat comes from falling object, vehicles, tools or something else entirely, the fact is that everyday boots are simply not up to scratch when it comes to ensuring the safety of workers. Not wearing safety boots can result in a wide variety of injuries, potentially resulting in you having to take time off work. More common injuries include everything from crushing injuries such as broken bones and puncture woods, to fractures and sprains, burns and even electric shocks.

Even the most heavily regulated construction sites are not 100% safe, so should an unfortunate accident occur, wearing the correct safety boots could be the difference between getting injured and staying safe. With plenty of safety boots to choose from, you can ensure you remain protected from chemical spills, electrical hazards and plenty more.

Safety Boot Features

The line of work you're in will determine what type of safety footwear you require. It's important to do your research into the footwear beforehand so you can establish exactly what you'll be protected from. One of the most common features of safety footwear is steel toe caps. These protect the top of your feet from impact injuries such as falling debris. There are also plenty of safety boots which come with additional protection. The additional protection comes in the form of everything from impact absorbing soles to anti-slip features. All of which could be crucial in preventing injuries. Key features to look out for include steel midsoles, padded collars and tongues, underfoot protection and more.

Prevention Of Fatigue

Whilst safety footwear can keep you safe on the job all day long, there is another reason to purchase them that is often overlooked. Quite often workers are on their feet all day, more often than not on hard surfaces such as concrete. Walking on hard surfaces for hours everyday can lead to fatigue, which in itself can be dangerous on a construction site.

With fatigue, muscles in the feet, legs and back tend to get tired, and the situation is even worse if workers don't wear the right footwear. On the other hand, if you wear shoes with the proper cushioning and arch support, you can alleviate the strain on your muscles and as a result will be much more comfortable. A more comfortable worker is less likely to suffer from fatigue and will be more alert, meaning the risk of accidents reduces greatly.

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