Hart Wholesale - How to Countersink a Screw

By Martin Hart on Thu 05 March 2020

Here at Hart Wholesale, we appreciate that good home redecorating takes a lot of skill, whether it's putting up a level shelf, or choosing the correct bathroom fittings. That's why we're starting our series, Hart Wholesale's How to... guides. And it starts today, with us looking at the steps required to countersink a screw.

So what's countersinking? A lost art to those not in the trade, it might seem. But if you're looking to have your screw heads laying flush to the surface, it's imperative to countersink. It looks professional, and neat, and hey, doing a great job is something to be proud of.

First, measure your screws. You'll need to know this in order to choose the right drill bit, whether it's a regular or countersink bit. The drill bit and the screw need to have the same diameter.

Then measure the length of the screw, side by side with the drill bit. If it's an inch-long, say, then mark an inch off on the drill bit with a strip of masking tape.

Once you've marked where you want to place the screw, it's time to get drilling. Drill down as far as the masking tape - this pilot hole will be exact length of the screw.

Next, select a second drill bit. This one should be the same diameter as the head of your screw.

Measure the length of the head against this second drill bit. Once again, mark it off on the bit with masking tape.

On top of the original hole, drill down to the length of the masking tape. This is the countersink hole.

You now have two holes on top of each other, one for the thread and one for the head. By hand, screw in the screw until it can stand upright.

Then pop a screwdriver bit and drill the rest of the screw in. It should now law flush, rather than protruding slightly.

And that's it, you've successfully countersunk a screw. Nice one!

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