How to Create and Install Custom Shelving

By Martin Hart on Thu 05 March 2020

Accessible storage is a necessity in modern life, where storage is a major necessity and can even improve the saleability of a space. The more storage a home or business has, the more valuable it is seen to be in many cases. However, creating this space is not always necessarily an easy task. 

Storage that does not take up floor space is usually preferable, especially in a business setting that uses said floor space for more valuable equipment. Shelves, then, are the perfect solution to many of your storage needs. Of course, this can also apply in a domestic setting as well as business; skies the limit for shelving (or at least ceiling)!

So, how can you install a unique shelving system to help create much more space in your client's home?


Working out how you want your shelving to look and where to put it is an important first step. This is a great time to consult with the client, as they may have a very specific idea of what they want their shelving system to look like in the long run. It also means you can accurately determine what materials and equipment you will need to achieve the final product.

Drawing up plans can also help in the actual building stage, as you know ahead of time the look you are attempting and it removes any unnecessary guesswork from the process.

Mark Locations

Once done with the design process, marking locations on the desired wall is the logical next step. The pencil is ideal for this stage as it is easy to remove and will not leave a permanent mark on the wall. This is also an opportune moment to try and detect wall studs in order to avoid them in the wall.

Pilot holes should then be created in order to determine whether or not the wall is suitable for shelving.

Balance the Shelf

After determining the space and that it is suitable for its needs, all that is left to do is actually install the shelves themselves. Levelling the standards for a perfectly balanced shelf can be one of the most frustrating aspects of this process, especially as you may find only a cm out can cause you issues. Once you are happy with the standards, place the shelf on and use your balance to determine if the shelf is set correctly.

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