How to Create a Usable Office Space

By Martin Hart on Thu 05 March 2020

What’s the best way for you to help your clients create an office environment that is both functional and attractive? 

An office space can be a cluttered and busy place. It is an environment with lots of people working on top of one another, with various electronics and paper strewn across multiple desks. Organising the room and equipping it to create the best space possible is extremely important as a result.

So, what's the best way for you to help your clients create an office environment that is both functional and attractive?

Organising Space

Some say that the state of a desk is representative of the state of mind. An organised and uncluttered desk suggests the same frame of mind. Ways to increase organisation for your clients in an office environment include a drawer organiser or even a dedicated shelf system, perfect for keeping the more cluttered areas of your office tidy. Wires are also incredibly dangerous if left unchecked in an office environment. In this case, a cable tidy is the only solution to prevent any unfortunate workplace accidents; it also increases the tidiness and overall appearance of the office.

Have a Convenient Power Supply

Technology is rampant in the workplace; it makes most offices tick in the modern world. So having enough sources of power for workers is an important aspect of the twenty-first-century office. A pop-up power socket is the best way to make your client's space more power accessible. Or for an even more modern feature a USB power supply might be more appropriate. It means that people can move at will, making working together easier as they are not restricted to just one space and can ‘hot desk' as it were.


The Best Space for a Desk

Organising the locations of desks and how they are situated around a room is an important step in creating the perfect usable office space. Too cramped and people will feel uncomfortable. Too far apart and people will find it difficult to communicate altogether. Separate banks of desks create different areas for the office to divide into. People can work together, but still be far enough apart in order to have their own workspace and room without working on top of one another. Putting too many desks in one space is not advisable, as it may save space but will lead to an unhappy office in the long run.

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