A Different Perspective: The Best Position for Wall-Mounted TVs

By Martin Hart on Thu 05 March 2020

With televisions getting thinner and lighter, you’re just as likely to have your television on a stand as you are having it hanging on the wall, like a pretty little painting with moving pictures. But when you’re considering using wall brackets to hook up your TV to the wall, then you’ll probably start having fears, worries and life-changing questions about the whole process. Things like: ‘Will the TV hold?’ feature heavily. And the answer is – yes, it’ll hold, so long as you attach the bracket securely.

Another major question is, where do I put the TV? What’s the optimal position for a television when popping it up on the wall? There are a few factors to take into consideration when it comes to this. So we’re going to take a look at where best to place your TV using wall-mounted brackets.

Reflect Reality

The first factor to consider is, are you going to be able to see the picture when the sun’s streaming through the window? Most TVs are usually sitting in the corner, well out of the way from direct sunlight. With swivel brackets, you can do pretty much the same with a wall-mounted goggle-box.  If you’ve got an immoveable bracket set-up, then find a place on the wall that won’t catch the glare.

Size Equals Distance

The screen size of your television pretty much dictates just how far from it you can comfortably be. You don’t want to be squinting at a tiny little image that makes your favourite stars look like blurry ants, especially if your living-room is pretty large. Too close and you’ll risk getting square eyes – just like your mother used to warn you – and cause serious eye strain. For an average-sized TV, you probably don’t want to be much more than 10ft away from the screen, tops.

Design Choice

Another factor you’ll probably want to at least consider is, how does the wall-mounted TV fit in with the rest of the room. You don’t want to create some bedevilled eyesore in a room you and your family spend most of their time. Consider how the television fits in with the overall aesthetics of your pad. Generally, the ol’ tube is almost always the main focal point of any room it’s in, so make sure it’s worth looking at.

The Hook-Up

When you’re connecting a TV, chances are it’s going to need a few extra devices if you want to full effect. Games consoles, Sky boxes, DVD players, all of those need to be easily connected to the TV. So when you’re mounting the box to the wall, you’ll want to ensure all the cables to those extra bits, bobs and thing-a-majigs will reach the TV without creating an eyesore of wires which rival the National Grid.

Find the Height

Perhaps the most popular query for those mounting televisions to the wall is, just how high should it be? After all, no-one wants a TV that’s so high it’s practically on the ceiling – or, y’know, very actually on the ceiling. And nor do they want it so low down so as to crook their neck staring at what is essentially a picturesque skirting board. The best solution to this is to centre the TV at eye-level when you’re sitting down. So take a seat, find where your natural eye-line is, and pop a mark on the wall. Easy!

And then you’re all set to get your TV up and start watching all those must-see shows. If you’re on the looking out for wall-mounted brackets, then we’ve got you covered. Here at Hart Wholesale we’ve stockists of everything you need for your home – from quality mounting brackets to Blum hinges. For more information about our products, simply contact us on 01702 614 044 or email webord@hart-wholesale.com and our team of experts will be delighted to assist you with all of your enquiries.


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