A Guide to Lighting Design

By Martin Hart on Thu 05 March 2020

The right lighting scheme is essential to any interior design, and can really transform the look of key rooms in the home. Here, we give you a brief guide to lighting design and see how light fittings can be utilised to produce the best lighting effects, enhancing both the look and feel of the rooms in your home.


A good bathroom lighting scheme is all about achieving the right balance between ambience and practicality; after all, bathrooms should be relaxing, yet also functional. The key to achieving the right bathroom lighting scheme is to use task lighting to add extra illumination to certain areas, such as around the sink and mirrors, in order to increase the usability of these key spaces. This can be achieved by installing light fixtures such spotlights on the ceiling above your bathroom sink, or a pair of wall lights on either side of the mirror in your bathroom.

You can also try installing dimmer switches in your bathroom; these will allow you greater control over the light levels and will help to soften strong overhead lighting, letting you create the right ambience to suit your needs.


Another key room where a good lighting scheme can make all the difference is the kitchen. In addition to general overhead lighting, it's essential to include some task lighting in kitchen designs. For example, work surfaces in particular require good task lighting; undercabinet lighting can be a great option for this, and will help illuminate shadowy counter tops and workspaces, increasing the functionality of these areas.

There are a number of different options available when it comes to under cabinet lighting, including fluorescent strip lights which can be installed on the underside of kitchen cabinets. These can provide just the right amount of illumination to make food preparation and other such tasks easier, and they'll shed light evenly across the countertop. These light fittings also have a great streamlined and contemporary aesthetic too.

Spotlights are also a common feature in kitchen designs and can be used in the areas of a kitchen where more light is needed. LED spotlights are a particularly great option, as not only are these both attractive and practical, but they typically use less energy too.

There are a variety of other lighting options that can also increase the practicality of kitchen designs. For example, drawer sensor lights can be used to light even the darkest drawers, and can make for great style features too.


Task lighting should ideally also be used in bedroom designs. For example, bedside lighting is key and will enhance the practicality of the space in this key room. Light fittings such as lamps can make for a great option for this.

There are a few other handy lighting options you could consider too. For example, dark wardrobes don't always make finding the right choice of clothing easy. However, integrated wardrobe lighting can make all the difference, and the great thing is that these lights consume surprisingly little energy too.

Living Room

Layering different types of lighting can really bring living room designs to life and will give the space a more three-dimensional feel. For example, in addition to ceiling lighting, try using a few lamps dotted around the room, as these will provide some handy task lighting.

Accent lighting, such as some wall lights, can also be used to highlight features such as fireplaces to make these really stand out. Uplighters are another great option for living rooms. These can be used to increase the feeling of space in small living rooms by pooling lighting on the ceiling and drawing the eye upwards.

Hopefully, this handy guide will make designing the right lighting scheme a little easier. Here at Hart Wholesale, we have a fantastic selection of light bulbs and fittings, perfect for helping you to create the ideal lighting scheme. We're also stockists of a wide range of other home fixtures and fittings, from Blum drawers to door handles.

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