Installing a Wall Mounted Mirror

By Martin Hart on Thu 05 March 2020

Mirrors can be central pieces in rooms, which is why their proper installation is necessary. In addition, a poorly installed wall mounted mirror can become very dangerous if it falls on someone sitting by or walking past. It is, however, an easy and simple procedure that can be applied to differently sized and shaped mirrors.

You will need a few basic tools to install a wall mounted mirror:

• A drill

• A tape measure

• A pencil

• Screws

• A spirit level

• Fixing brackets

• Plugs


Step 1: Placing the Mirror

Taking into account the average height of your clients, the mirror should be placed on the wall in the ideal location that allows everyone in the home to be able to utilise it. You should also take into consideration which room you need to install the room in.

Bathroom or bedroom mirrors are typically utilised for morning routines and should be placed on a lower area. Some walls are also not built to support heavy mirrors, so it could be up to you to advise your client on where to install a mirror.


Step 2: Measuring

To ensure that the wall mounted mirror is installed evenly and properly, you first need to guarantee that there are no pipes or electrical fittings anywhere you need to drill. This is particularly important in areas such as the bathroom.

You will need your pencil, tape measure, and spirit level to make sure that you can mark where you want the mirror to be installed. The spirit level will ensure that the mirror is completely straight on the wall before you start drilling.


Step 3: Installing

After having faintly marked all corners of where the mirror will be installed on the wall, make sure to measure where the fixing brackets are placed on the mirror. Afterwards, you will need to transfer your measurements to the wall so that you know where to drill.

With a suitably sized drill for the wall’s material, make the holes and push the plugs into them. You will then screw the mounting screws into the wall. After ensuring that these are secure, mount the mirror very carefully by fitting the mirror by the mounting holes on the back onto the screws. Double check that the mirror is levelled and completely secure on the wall.

Installed wall mounted mirrors is easy; following these easy steps you can install mirrors in homes in a safe and levelled way, guaranteeing that your clients have exactly what they need. Frames can also be fitted around the mirror to provide not only an aesthetic quality but also to serve as extra support.


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