Assuring Quality Control

By Martin Hart on Thu 05 March 2020

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Quality means lack of defects, functionality, and durability. Quality control is an essential feature that assures both products and services comply with legal requirements. Inspection of finished products is a way of ensuring quality control, but these processes should start from the very beginning of the project.

In any project, quality is essential every step of the way, starting with materials used. The finished project will be a reflection on your work and how you value quality.

Compliance with ISO 9001

To ensure quality, certain legal standards need to be met: ISO 9000 that ensures quality management; ISO 9001, which consists of the requirements of quality management; ISO 9004, regarding the sustained success of an organisation and its quality management approach: and ISO 19011, concerning the guidelines of all audits, internal and external, of quality management systems. Quality management is defined by several principles, being that client needs are at the centre of every project.

Striving to exceed their expectations is one of the most important principles. Ensuring quality in every step of the final product guarantees both great customer service and excellent product quality. Applying quality system controls to a construction product pertains to all steps, including a quality plan from work instructions to inspection regimes throughout the entire process.

Material Quality

A vital aspect of any construction project, no matter how big or small, is the quality of the utilised materials. When fitting a bath, for example, it’s essential to ensure that the right materials are used. Quality of materials will make them last longer, and you will be able to assure your clients that their bathroom fixtures will be safe to utilise for many years to come. Durability and wear and tear are factors to consider and, in bathrooms, humidity will contribute hugely to what materials to use.

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Starting the project equipped with the highest quality of tools and materials will give you and your clients the guarantee that expert and professional work was conducted. No matter what project you are undertaking for your clients, we have a wide variety of products that are sure to exceed your customers’ expectations and assure them of the high quality fixtures in their homes.


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