On The Job: The Importance Of Face Protection Equipment

By Martin Hart on Thu 05 March 2020

When out and about working, protecting your face is one of the most important factors of safety. By having the right equipment, you can save yourself from all kinds of injuries and mishaps.

Whether you are installing a bathroom or laying a carpet, you could be operating machinery or carrying out tasks which require this type of safety equipment. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Whether this be eye protection, noise reduction equipment, or dust masks, Hart Wholesale have all the necessary equipment that you need when on the job. 

Protect Your Ears

Your ears are one of the most sensitive parts of your body and can be easily damaged if you aren’t careful. Especially in the workplace, you can get ringing in your ears if exposed to noise of a high DB range, and even worse damage to your eardrums. Hearing loss won’t just effect your work, but also your personal and social life. If you are exposed to 100 DB for more than 15 minutes, without protection, you could incur damage to your hearing. This is similar to the strength of a power lawnmower, which frankly doesn’t seem that loud. You start to feel the effects and pain at around 125 db., which is about the sound of a rock concert. Whether you are on a construction site or at a rock concert, protecting your ears and your hearing is of upmost important.

Respirator/Face Mask

Respiratory protection is a key part of PPE in construction or any tradesman industry. Although it is important in any field of this work, it is extremely important that all employees wear the correct respiratory equipment. From using any power tools, to industrial sprays, there is always dust and fumes in the air. Respiratory hazards are always present, whether you see them or not. As well as being a huge health hazard, it is also an obligation on most sites, due to the Legal Occupational Health and Safety Act. Remember, this type of PPE can save your life, especially when regular exposure to materials and particles can even lead to illness and even damage to your lungs. The safety of your employees and yourself is crucial; so, don’t forget to always wear PPE and follow the written safe work procedures and risk assessments specifically.

Safety Glasses

You can’t underestimate how vital it is to wear safety glasses or goggles while on the job. Some may find the eyewear uncomfortable and frustrating, but they provide the protection you need. The eyes are extremely sensitive, so it pays to get the right protection for them. As well as protecting your eyes from any chemical or biological substance and cleaning chemicals, they can prevent any foreign objects going in or near your eyes. Even the smallest of objects such as broken pieces of glass can cause serious damage to your eyes. From a large sharp object, to a small blunt object; getting anything in your eye can result in temporary or even permanent loss of vision. Any injury can easily be prevented by simply wearing the correct eye protection.

At Hart Wholesale, we can supply any of the above PPE, and more. From protective eye wear to respiratory masks and particle filters, we have the products and supplies at high industry standards. If you have any questions or enquires, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, or take a look at our range of products on our website.


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