Kitchen Lighting Ideas

By Martin Hart on Thu 05 March 2020

Lighting's more important for kitchens than perhaps any other room in the house. Bright light throughout the room combined with extra lighting where it's needed is the right combination.

Background Lighting

Interior design trends for other rooms are moving away from central light fittings in favour of wall mounted lights and table lights. But the best place for the main source of light in a kitchen is still central ceiling mounted fitments.

Spotlight clusters with half a dozen or more swivel spots are great for kitchens as the customer can move individual lights to shine where they need them. In a large kitchen, you might need more than one, but with a kitchen diner you can use a different light in the dining section. This helps to emphasise that it's a different part of the room.

A large overhead light, perhaps one that can be raised and lowered to change the mood, suits a dining area well.


Dark Corners

Extra lighting in a kitchen is used to eliminate shadows and make it easier to prepare food. The classic location is 'task lighting' under wall units that overhang worktops.

This used to mean mounting individual 240V incandescent spots in trunking, or small fluorescent tube units behind decorative mouldings on the leading edge of wall cabinets. You can still install those but there are neater and cheaper options these days.


LED Tube Lights

You can easily install runs of LEDs in translucent tubes all the way along a run of wall units. These can be placed behind mouldings or you can use specially made aluminium profiles like these on the Hart Wholesale website.

These neat and stylish profiles neatly hold LED tubing without obscuring the light and fasten to the leading edge of the wall cabinet base.


Take a Look

If you're installing kitchen lighting, we've got all the parts you need here at Hart Wholesale including LED lights for plinths, shelves and cupboards. We've got the parts you need to connect it all up too - just take a look at our website and contact us if you have any questions.


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