How to Fit a Kitchen Sink

By Martin Hart on Thu 05 March 2020

An integral part of any kitchen, a sink needs to properly be installed into the worktop. Whether you’re fitting a sink into an existing place or fitting it for the first time in the kitchen, this handy guide will run you through the basic steps needed.

Step 1: Marking

When replacing an existing sink, you need to measure the space correctly to ensure you have a sink that will fit perfectly. If you're installing the sink for the first time, you need to work out where the sink will fit on the worktop. After measuring out the dimensions of where the sink will sit, mark both sides of the worktop to ensure you have the right location.

The markings will tell you where the sink will sit, but that’s not where you should cut the worktop – or the sink will fall through it. Mark a second line inside the previously drawn dimensions, around 10 to 15mm in. This will allow for the sink to comfortably rest on the worktop.


Step 2: Cutting

An 8mm to 10mm drill bit will be needed to begin cutting the inner line. Make a hole on each corner of this inner line, before lifting the worktop and supporting it on a pair of benches, on each side. Using a jig saw, make sure to carefully cut the inner line.

Don’t forget about the taps; should they fit into the worktop, now is the time to mark where they’ll fit and cut through to make sure they have space.


Step 3: Installing

The installation process is simple; sit the sink in its place on the worktop, followed by the taps. The outflow and the waste pipe need to be connected to the sink before you fit in the worktop. Using the provided fittings, ensure that the sink is appropriately clamped on to the edge of the recess.

The fittings typically hook on to both the sink’s underside and the worktop’s underside, and then they are subsequently tightened with screws.

Step 4: Connecting

The cold tap and the hot tap need to be connected to their respective supplies through using a 15mm pipe. When replacing a sink, these should already be nearby and ready for a quick installation. Flexible connectors will allow for a perfect line up.

Next, you need to fit the sink’s outflow pipe to a 43mm pipe that will run from the wall and from the outside drain.


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