Real Great Escapes: Ventilation and Ducts in Prisons

By Martin Hart on Thu 05 March 2020

Ventilation systems and air ducts are an important part of our buildings. They allow a continuous flow of fresh air into and out of the building. Some people, however, have found rather strange alternative uses for venilation systems we're sure you'll enjoy reading about. 

Here at Hart Wholesale, we may offer you the best in Domus Ducting and ventilation systems, but we're also up to date on some of the more absurd ways ventilation systems have been used for.


Great Uses in the Movies

For instance, we've all seen the action packed, blockbuster thrillers such as Mission Impossible, James Bond and The Mechanic, where our favourite heroes break into secure, high tech companies by crawling through stainless steel air vents, abseiling down the vertical drops and shimmying back up again. We're also used to seeing the villains breaking in and escaping out of sticky situations through the tightly packed ventilation systems, unseen by the authorities. Air ducts are a common escape route used in movies for decades, and we don't really blame the ingeniousness of it.

In every action packed film, the ventilation system is the last place our hero's turn to when needing to, and the first place they go to when trying to get into a building. And why not? Ventilation systems offer a few solid benefits the front door can't; no cameras for instance, no traps waiting to snap at their feet or bar their paths and no guards posted at every twist and turn to foil their escape!


Real Life Escape Feats!

The movies seem to have taken their influence on the desperate too; even real life criminals have turned to ventilation systems in escaping their prison sentences. Jose Fernando Bustos-Diaz from Texas, for instance, tried to escape a 35 year prison sentence as recently as 2010 and a pair of inmates successfully escaped a New York prison in Elmira back in 2003! Prison breaks via the ventilation systems seem to be ever popular with those wishing to escape a hefty sentence, despite any dangers that may arise.


Reality of Air Duct Escapes!

Common sense may kick in at some point during a criminals quick race through the metal systems, however those outside of the jail cells are less likely to take such a drastic course of action and clamber into an air duct any time soon. We mean, ventilation systems are dangerous and they're not designed to be internal climbing frames! Ventilation systems and air ducts are hot and stuffy and, let's face it, no human should be able to take such sharp twists and turns without injuring themselves in some way shape or form. A lot of the ventilation systems aren't built to withstand human weight, they're designed to carry efficient air flow and, perhaps, withstand the additional feature of an air fan, so the threat of collapsing a ventilation shaft as you're crawling through it isn't uncommon.


Nobody installs air ducts and ventilation into their building for the sole purpose of a quick escape route! They're installed to allow for a continuous flow of fresh air into and out of a building. Ventilating your building is especially important for the likes of kitchens and bathrooms where the air is likely to get very hot and stuffy. Windowless rooms also require a good source of ventilation in order to avoid any respiratory problems to the people working in such places. That's why prison ventilation systems are wide enough for a person to fit through - they need to supply a large amount of airflow to a secure, confined building.

At Hart Wholesale we may not supply you with walk-in ventilation systems and ducts. Our Domus Ducting may not offer a great escape route for your every death defying feat, but they do offer great airflow into and out of your building. Their rigid and flexible duct designs are very adaptable and efficient, allowing ventilation to reach past the tight bends in your buildings structure, and promote a clean and easy airflow.

So, if you're looking for the best way to bring some fresh air into your building, and are looking to use your front door to enter and exit a room, contact us today on 01702 614044 to find out what Domus Ducting, ventilation systems, grills and fans we have to offer.


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