The Importance of Safety Footwear

By Martin Hart on Thu 05 March 2020

Appropriate footwear for the workplace is essential, particularly when you work in the construction trade. Any injury to your feet can be incapacitating and prevent you from working, and it becomes vital to ensure the prevention of injuries.

Safety footwear is one of the required and important safety features you need before embarking on a project.


Fatigue and Comfort

Muscle strain is a worry when you work on your feet on hard surfaces all day, causing fatigue and potential musculoskeletal issues. The muscles on your feet can get tired easily when you stand for many hours, and the absence of the appropriate footwear can worsen how you feel. Your legs and back will also feel the strain, which can lead to chronic pain.

The suitable footwear removes this concern; with proper cushioning and support your feet and muscles won’t suffer from fatigue as easily, as your footwear will lessen the strain. You will be able to be more alert while working and avoid preventable accidents from happening, as you will work more efficiently and safely.


Slips and Falls

Working in slippery environments requires footwear with proper traction to prevent you from slipping and hurting yourself. A slip or fall can lead to a serious injury, such as head trauma. Safety footwear’s soles have the needed grip to avoid tripping, slipping, and falling. Adequate shoes for your working conditions will also be more comfortable, which will improve your balance.

Foot Protection

You might require sturdier shoes depending on your trade due to the possibility of heavy objects falling on your feet. In addition, when you operate a tool or machine it might slip from your hands and fall; steel toe shoes are preferred to avoid any damage to your feet.

Other trade hazards such as electrical wires or cement need to be taken into consideration. Cement can cause caustic burns, and safety footwear is needed. When fitting a bathroom or any other room, you might require appropriate shoes to prevent electrical shocks or an accumulation of static electricity.


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