The Essentials in Tool Kit Equipment

By Martin Hart on Thu 05 March 2020

Whether you're searching for blum hinges or runners, handles for your cabinets or doors for your rooms, you're going to need a set of sturdy, faithful tools by your side. 

When it comes to our tool kits, however, we sometimes have a tendency to over load our trusty boxes and bags with unnecessary pieces of equipment. The funny looking gadget with the extendable head you think is supposed to be some kind of clamp, or the rubber funnel the shop keeper claimed to be the best pressure pump in town. The truth is you really only need a few key tools in your kit to keep your DIY itch ticking over.


The Hammer

It may seem like an obvious go-to but the hammer has been around since dinosaurs first walked the earth... okay maybe not that long but they've been around for a fair while, just check out our blog From Tools to Toolboxes: A Brief History of Hand Tools if you don't believe us. The hammers trusty weight, easy to grip handle and simple design allows users to hang up any photo frame, secure any shelf and install any cabinet with ease. A claw hammer has it's added bonus of being able to remove said nails without the need to run around look for a separate piece of equipment.


The Screwdriver

Alongside the efficiency of the hammer, comes the wonder of the screwdriver and it's changeable heads. Having this multipurpose piece of equipment allows the screwdriver to easily adapt to any aspect of your DIY needs without any fuss. Whatever screw you need to tighten or loosen, having a changeable head screwdriver by your side you can be sure to get the job done.


The Pliers

For those people unsure of the proper reasons for using pliers... they aren't just used for gripping small objects. Looking like a pair of blunt scissors on steroids, pliers have the fantastic capacity to help you bend your metal wiring without harming yourself, or your masterpiece. Their great serrated pincers help grip while a second cutting feature located towards the handle allows you to slice through wiring to create the length you desire.


Nails and Screws

Have you ever had the urge to hang up a mirror, a picture or a wall fitting and haven't been able to find a single nail or screw in sight? One tool kit essential definitely has to be these nifty little joining objects. Having a wide variety of screws is also important; Slot Head, Round Head and Pozidriv Head screws can help you complete any task while nails designed to pierce a variety of materials at different depths can come in very handy next time you have a job to do around the house!


The Allan Key

With a strong, sturdy name like Allan why wouldn't you want to include these handy tools into your DIY tool kit? There's always that one part of the equipment you're trying to install, or the tiny screw holding your favourite sports gear together which your faithful screwdriver just can't seem to fix. With their special octagonal edges and their variety of widths and sizes, Allan keys are the perfect tool kit essential for the more fiddly DIY jobs.


Tape Measure

Well let's not beat around the bush with this piece of equipment. The measuring tape is a straight up definite. The only way you can get the very best out of your DIY chores is if you get the measurements perfect. Anybody can saw a length of wood, but being able to cut your desk top or support beam to the exact length takes a dedication only your tape measure can accomplish. Let's not get started on the importance of the bubble level ruler too (also an essential part of any tool kit), we mean, how else are you supposed to get the book shelf completely straight?

Though these essential tools may not seem like much, you'll be surprised at how often you'll use them compared to any other item in your currently crowded tool box. Whatever your DIY job, however, we're here to help, contact us today on 01702 614044 and we'll be happy to supply you with the best fixtures and fittings for your home and office.


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