Your Guide to Buying Handles

By Martin Hart on Thu 05 March 2020

Finding the perfect cabinet handles for your drawers, cupboards and doors is important when it comes to the overall appearance of your room and how well it functions.


We know that accidents happen and that sometimes the handles and knobs for your office, store room, bedroom, sitting room and kitchen can be damaged over time. We make sure all of our cabinet handles are reliable and resistant to your everyday wear and tear, but, to make your home and work place special to you, sometimes you need a little help in finding the best handles and knobs for you.


Who is going to be using it?

The very first question you should ask yourself is who is going to be using your brand new knobs and handles. Is it going to be a high end business man dressed in a fine suit and Armani shoes, or is it more likely going to be used by an inquisitive five year old with messy fingers? Knowing who is going to be using the handle will help you when it comes to choosing the size, shape, design and materials for your handles.


Where will your handles be?

Where are your handles going to be placed? Are they on an industrial cabinet where a much larger, easy to grip handle would be greatly beneficial, or are they going to be placed on a home cupboard, where a much smaller handle would better suit the size of the cupboard door? Knowing what size of handle or knob to buy is key when it comes to making sure your cabinet doors open and close sufficiently. We mean, you don't want to buy a great style knob only for it to be too big to place anywhere but in the centre of your door... and what then? How awkward would that be to open? What if your handle is too small? How out of balance would it look? Would it suit your room or would it throw everything off kilter? Depending on who is using your handles will also influence the size you buy. Children, for instance, may not need their cabinet and door handles to be as big as an adult would.


Which design would best suit your cabinet?

Handles, believe it or not, can greatly influence the overall appearance of your desired room. It's not just the size of the of the knobs and handles you should pay attention to, with hundreds or shapes and designs, it's important to sit down and have a real think about what kind of handle would suit your cabinet, door or drawer. A vintage house, for example, with its fine splendour and breathtaking architecture may benefit from a more vintage style handle or a simplistic brass knob. A modern home, on the other hand, may benefit from a far more sleek and sophisticated styled handle. Fluidity and class may come in the work of an ornately designed knob where as a child's play room can be greatly influenced to seem funky and visually interesting by installing specifically shaped handles and knobs (e.g. footballs, flowers, dinosaurs and boats). Would your cabinet be better off with a knob, something to grip with the entire hand, or a handle for you to clutch?


What is your handle made from?

Yes handles and knobs also come in a variety of materials for you to choose from and again, depending on where your handle is going and who will be using it may influence your decision when it comes to what kinds of material you want your handle to be made from. Hard wearing material such as metal is great for the everyday use, it's perfectly adaptable for the kitchen cabinets and versatile in the office world, however there are other materials you can choose from. Our spectacular handles come in plastic, wood, glass and porcelain (to name a few) so it's no surprise that you really need to consider what your handles will be used for before you go buying anything. You wouldn't -for instance- want your five year olds messy fingers to grab hold of a glass handle, and, perhaps, it's not your office style for the man in the Armani shoes to play around with a porcelain, patterned knob.


Of course whatever you choose reflects your own personality and the style of your home and office. If you have any queries however, or would like help finding the best sized handle or knob for your cabinet, contact us on 01702 614044 and our friendly, professional staff will be happy to help.


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