Hinges. Heroes of the World!

By Martin Hart on Thu 05 March 2020

Well, not literally, but a strategically placed Blum hinge can open new doors when it comes to saving  you space, time and money... so we like to think of them as the unsung heroes of the furniture world.


It doesn't matter where your home is, whether it's an uptown studio apartment, a third floor flat or your average family house, saving space seems to be the ultimate goal for any home owner. From shelving to cupboards and boxes galore, there's a reason why we spend hours humming over which cabinet, unit and wardrobe is best for our homes and offices. Which angle will help us cram in more of our belongings. Which wall we can stack all of our books against before things become too crowded. People relax! If you have a problem fitting everything in at once, start looking at the ingenious way hinged space saving furniture can lend you a hand.


Saving Space in the Home

Living in a city, your apartment may not be very large, space may be limited to one or two rooms. How are you going to fit everything you need into your living or bedroom and still be able to invite friends and family over? Multipurpose furniture is one sure fire way of fitting everything you need into your small spaces. Sofa's which double as beds, wardrobes which double as floor length mirrors and drawers, dining room tables which double as effective desks. The list goes on!
Take a look at your bedroom, for example. Can you walk into it without knocking over a stack of CD's, books, a stereo or your numerous boxes of shoes? Can you walk down the side of your bed without falling over or open up your wardrobe without hitting something else or squashing yourself against a wall? If you find your bedroom is too close for comfort, mutli-purpose furniture is a great way of saving your life, and if not for the strong, secure hinges allowing them to glide effortlessly open and closed, how could you manoeuvre said furniture from form to the other?


Saving Space in the Office

Health and Safety hangs around your office more than your staff, so it's doubly important you keep your spaces clutter free and efficient to work in. Just like drawers, your work cabinets can also become stiff and difficult to open and close. Wooden cabinets have the added disadvantage of expanding or shrinking depending on the heat, so it's important to make sure that the hinges attached to your cabinet doors are reliable (nobody wants to experience a wonky door, or to be subjected to the grating squeal of a rusty hinge).

The worst thing about office cupboards and cabinets is how to open their doors if placed in an odd corner of the room. How to make the most out of the swing of the door without it stopping at a forty-five degree angle. What hinges you use can greatly help you out here. From angled hinges to screw fitting hinges, there's a great array of makes and models for every door type made specifically to help save you time and energy rusty, old or warped hinges wouldn't normally allow.




Saving Your Security

Hinges don't just help to save you space and time either, they also play a detrimental part in your home and office security. Nobody likes having to battle with their doors and windows; shoving them open and fighting them closed can become very tiring after all. If your doors and windows are stiff there could be several causes, your door or window frame- if wooden- might have expanded, they could have been damaged in some way shape or form leaving them warped and out of place, or their hinges could be defective through age or wear. The good news is that you don't need to run around, worrying about where to get special hinges for a glass door, or where the best knock-in hinges are. When it comes to stylish hinges with the power to keep your doors and windows secure come winter or summer, we've got a wide variety for your to choose from.


If not for the almighty power of our unsung heroes, we'd be stuck behind one difficult to open door after another. For more information about how hinges can help to save you time, money and space, contact our friendly team today on 01702 614044


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