Protect Your Deck

By Martin Hart on Thu 05 March 2020

We offer a wide range of services at Hart Wholesale, from the provision of high quality hinges to offering the finest cabinet handles, but with summer upon us, we need to turn our attention to the evils of the sun. Whilst everyone is letting their hair down a little in the warmer weather there is a tendency to forget about looking after your garden furniture. But garden furniture needs love too!


The unpredictable nature of British weather means your furniture is fluctuating between hot and cold repeatedly and is quite often at the mercy of the sun’s rays (OK... “lukewarm and cold repeatedly” and “sometimes at the mercy of the sun’s rays”). The furniture is there with you when you are sat outside having a read, partying with your friends or even when you just want to sit outside and chill with a drink, so it’s in your best interests to look after it. Besides, it can start to look worn and old.

To give your furniture the best chance of seeing another summer you’re going to need to take action, so take heed as we provide you with some invaluable advice:


Store It!

Let’s start with the obvious... store it! The best way to protect your furniture from the external attacks of wind, rain and oh yeah... sun, is to pack it away after using it. Opting for the use of waterproof covers is a very efficient form of protection that means you don’t even need to pack your furniture away. Alternatively, seek refuge in a trusty garage or shed. The latter is of course somewhat impractical, but if you know you aren’t going to get the opportunity to venture out into your outdoor playground for a while, or that the bad weather’s a-coming, then packing away the furniture is definitely worth considering.


Clean It!

The way you clean your furniture will vary from furniture type to furniture type, but brushing and vacuuming are pretty standard approaches to giving your furniture that extra lease of life. There is little wrong with the classic soap and water for ridding your furniture from dirt, although be mindful not to dampen fabrics as this will induce the presence of that pesky spore, mould. On the other hand, the sun has a way of drying these things out and you can always spend a few minutes scrubbing the green demon with a nylon brush should it rear its ugly head.


Protect It!

Check out our range of finishing oils and wood protectors to discover the finishes or furniture and deck protection that’s available to you. UV-resistant and water-repellent protection helps to give your furniture that extra level of fortification against either sun or rain. If you are looking to protect your furniture’s aluminium or iron framing, a little known handy tip is to apply car wax as this acts as a barrier against the sun’s pesky UV-rays.

And finally...


Don’t Forget Your Cushions!

Your cushions take just as much of a beating from the weather as your furniture, so don’t forget them! You can actually apply fabric protector that aims to combat the fading effect of the sun’s rays and will help your cushions exist to see another summer!

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the excitement of summer, and we don’t blame you, but your furniture is going to come under a lot of pressure, from the pseudo-warm rays to the icy cold rain. Regardless of the furniture you boast in your yard or garden, if you care for it in the short term you will reap the longevity benefits in the future.


To seek further information on our wood protecting oils and teals or the services we have on offer at Hart Wholesale, don’t hesitate to give us a call and contact us on 01702 614044, we’ll be waiting to help you and your furniture have an awesome summer!


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