How to Pest Proof Your Home

By Martin Hart on Thu 05 March 2020

Whether you’ve just fitted some Blum Aventos wall cabinets or, you’ve put in some new carpet, the one thing that makes the effort feel wasted is when the pests get the hands on them. Whether its slugs, mice, spiders or maybe something as small as flies, they all make your home feel dirty and as a result, you lose the sense of pride in your home.

Well, here at Blum we believe that you should be able to take pride in your home. You pay the bills, you fix it, and you look after it, so why should pests ruin all your hard work?

However, we also know that getting rid of pests can be hard work- harder still when they’re relentless in their quest to cause a nuisance. Because of this, we thought we’d help out by giving you some tips on how to pest-proof your home. 


Check your house every season

Because of the different weather climates, you'll find many pests seeking shelter at different times of the year, and if you're house isn't properly secure they'll treat your home like the Ritz. Check out this pest control calendar that'll show you exactly which critters will be trying to make a great escape style entrance into your home. This way, you can man the barricades effectively!


Seal up any openings

Have you wondered around the house and noticed any small holes on the wall or on the roof? If so, seal them up! Even the smallest hole can be the entry point to any little thing that knows how to burrow, which happens to be a lot. Rodents, squirrels, insects etc can easily make their way through these entry points, so sealing or caulking all these holes will go a long way to keeping these pests away!


Removing Bridges

No, we're not suggesting that your home is installed with a foot bridge, but does your home have any trees or bushes with long branches to them? If so, these may act as bridge for all these annoying critters to gain access to your home. Your best bet would be to chop away some of these branches because if they're very thick, or there's plenty of them, a small problem may turn into an infestation!


Sealing Containers

Bins and other containers where you keep waste and unused items should be sealed up properly as they can make great hiding places for many pests. Keeping bins away from the home can help drastically when wanting to keep the pests at bay.


Keep your kitchen clean

Cleaning all your kitchen surfaces and washing all your dishes will prevent pests seeing your kitchen as the king's feast, for which they are the honoured guest. You should also make sure to clean up any crumbs that may have found their way onto the floor.

And there you go, hopefully after implementing the steps in this guide, your home will no longer hold a brightly lit vacancy sign for all the pests in the area, and you can go back to enjoying the beauty of your home.

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