How to Design a Safe Office Environment

By Martin Hart on Thu 05 March 2020

Offices can be an extremely busy environments and where there are people moving around constantly, there is the possibility of an accident occurring.

Offices can be an extremely busy environments and where there are people moving around constantly, there is the possibility of an accident occurring.

You can't expect people to sit in once place, especially as the beauty of being in an office is that you can collaborate and interact with other people. So how can you create a safe environment for people to work in without hindering the creative collaboration of an office?


Staying Organised

One of the main reasons that workers are rushing around the office is that they find themselves unorganised; this could be through no fault of their own, or simply that they haven't prepared themselves for the work day adequately.

Being organised gives people a sense of satisfaction- they know where everything is and when they need to be in certain places. It will also reduce the need to rush around to get their work done, as they will have already planned their working day.

One of the first steps that you can take to a more organised office is...


Your Desk

Your desk is probably the place that you will be spending most of your time throughout the day, so it's crucial that your organisation begins there.

A messy desk makes it hard to find the important documents that you will need throughout the day, so implement an efficient filing system which separates all the documents that you require into easily accessible piles which don't need to be rifled through to be found.

We're also willing to bed that you have a computer at your desk which is essential to your work process. Keeping all your wires from trailing on the floor and over your desk is integral in office safety, especially in open office designs where other people have the potential to trip on a hanging wire.
If you find your desk and floor becoming cluttered with wires, we suggest installing a cable outlet into your office desk. This will keep your cables from running over your desk and curving round and posing a trip hazard. You can even couple this with gathering your cables up and securing them with a cable tie to keep them tidy under your desk.


Storage Facilities

A worrying aspect that plagues many offices is insufficient storage space. When workers are rushing around an office with files stored in clunky storage systems, it's easy to see why many accidents can occur.

Incidents can also occur if the storage system is unsuitable, such as if heavy items are being stored up high. This poses a risk when these objects are to be lifted down.

Some offices don't even have a filing system in place and simply store their documents in boxes which are placed on the floor. This can cause a trip hazard which not only injures the person falling, but can also damage the contents of the box too.


There are many modern storage systems that can be installed in even the smallest of offices. There are companies which specialise in mobile storage solutions, such as Mobile Shelving Direct who specialise in storage for a variety of different applications.

These storage products allow for the safe storage, access and movement of documents and objects in a busy environment, some even collapsing and extending to save space when not needed; something which is extremely beneficial for a busy office environment!

Workplaces should be safe to work in, no matter how busy the workforce is. The first step to achieving an accident prone workplace is to address any obvious hazards that could harm your staff. An organised office is a safe office!

For more information on how we can help you make your office a safer place to work , don't hesitate to contact our team today. We offer a wide range of products and services; from office furniture to cabinet handles, we will have something to suit your needs. Call us on 01702 614044 and speak to a member of our dedicated team.



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