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Sold singularly

Pocket systems for new space concepts

More and more people are merging their kitchen, dining, living and working space. This trend places high demands on modern living concepts. Pocket systems make it possible to quickly, easily and intuitively open up entire spaces when needed, and close them off again when not in use. This gives you totally new design possibilities for varied areas of application.
With the new pocket systems product category, Blum has developed the solution for the optimum use of space – REVEGO is a unique pocket door system with fully integrated technology, all packaged inside a dedicated narrow cabinet: the pocket.

Efficient manufacturing
Thanks to the unique full integration of the fittings in the pocket construction, REVEGO already comprises all the necessary components. You can easily pre-assemble pocket systems in your workshop
or at your plant, and carefully packaged convey them to end users. This makes installation on site easier and increases efficiency.

Rapid on-site installation
Final assembly on site is therefore simplicity itself: put up, align and mount the pockets; install the doors and track; make any final adjustments to the gap layout – and that's it! The 3-dimensional adjustment options are easily accessible and intuitive to use. And thanks to the integrated service interface, it is really simple to remove the fittings – even in installed furniture.

Easy planning
Standardized pocket widths of 100 mm for the single door REVEGO uno and 150 mm for the double door REVEGO duo permit unrestricted design possibilities around the pocket. Single and double door applications can be individually combined.

The ultimate in convenience
No need for handles thanks to TIP-ON motion technology, users can open cabinet doors with a single touch and slide them away completely into the pocket. To close off the space, the user simply presses the door to release it from the pocket and then presses it again to elegantly conceal the entire area.

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