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HI20Q1061UAVENTOS HS Cross Stabiliser Rod£4.33
HI20S800AVENTOS HS Cover Caps£4.43
HI20S1ASETAVENTOS HS Lift Mechanism SetFrom £63.79
HI20S2A00AVENTOS HS Lift MechanismFrom £32.03
HI21F8000Aventos HF Cover Cap SetFrom £51.34
HI21L3500AVENTOS HL SERVODRIVE Lever ArmFrom £35.87
HI21S8000AVENTOS HS SERVODRIVE Cover CapsFrom £50.40
HI20Q091ZAVENTOS HS Connector Piece£8.10
HI20S3500AVENTOS HS Lever Arm£24.51
HI20S4200AVENTOS HS Front Fixing Bracket£1.89
HI21L8000Aventos HL Lift Up Cover Plate£67.30
HI21Q126ZABlum Aventos Connecting Piece £14.22

AVENTOS HS is the ideal fitting for large fronts. For wall cabinets that offer a multitude of design possibilities and enhanced user convenience. Like all other AVENTOS systems, the up & over system is easy to assemble and has an award-winning design. AVENTOS HS offers a compact programme for large and heavy fronts.

  • Cabinet heights from 350 to 800 mm
  • Cabinet widths up to 1800 mm
  • 9 different lift mechanisms and one lever arm
  • Can be used with cornice and crown mouldings
  • Lift mechanisms and front fixing brackets can be used symmetrically
  • For wooden and aluminium frame fronts
  • Tool-free cross stabiliser for even greater ease of assembly