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Typically used for decorative purposes, veneer is usually a thin sheet of wood that can help to transform surfaces such as flooring...
LED tape is an incredibly simple but effective way to bring more light into your home...
A mortice lock is fitted inside the door itself and can be used on doors of different materials...

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81218090Glass Holder Rubber Foam Lining£1.81
81251230Streamline Bar Rail Bracket, Brass£22.41
81251830Streamline Bar Rail Bracket, Brass£17.54
81261800Railing Support Bracket, Brass£54.59
81261810Flat Centre Post, Upright, Brass£33.61
81256210Ball Tee Connector, 3 Way £21.02
81266280Ball End Cap£24.09
81260202Straight Railing Tube, BrassFrom £200.13
81262200Wall Flange Socket, BrassFrom £12.03
81263200Flat End Caps, Press Fit, BrassFrom £7.07
81252205Railing Support Tube Set for Ø38mm£54.63
81255200Glass Holder, Brass£17.44
81256050Ball Side Cross Connector, 5 WayFrom £71.25
81256070Angled CollarFrom £40.16
81256190Adjustable FlangeFrom £65.26
81261050Adjustable SaddleFrom £70.28
81261230Streamline Bar Rail Bracket, BrassFrom £20.48
81266020Ball Cross Connector, 4 WayFrom £81.88
81266050Ball Side Cross Connector, 5 WayFrom £30.57
81266070Angled CollarFrom £61.45
81251250Adjustable Saddle£31.82
81254210Angled Railing Connector, 135° £26.32
81256250Side Outlet, Ball Cross £27.83
81256260Ball Elbow, 135° £25.09
81256270Angled Collar £8.98
81256290Adjustable Flange £27.83
81250006Straight Railing Tube, SteelFrom £1008.31
81250202Straight Railing Tube, BrassFrom £154.92
81251200Railing Support Bracket, BrassFrom £50.95
81251210Flat Centre Post, Upright, BrassFrom £33.76
81251220Railing Support Bracket, BrassFrom £59.18
81252000Wall Flange Socket, SteelFrom £20.90
81252200Wall Flange Socket, BrassFrom £7.99
81253000Flat End Cap, Gluing, SteelFrom £11.08
81253200Flat End Caps, Press Fit, BrassFrom £6.02
81254000Tube Spigot Joint, Mild SteelFrom £4.94
81255000Glass Holder, BrassFrom £18.94
81260006Straight Railing Tube, SteelFrom £1104.42
81270006Straight Railing Tube, SteelFrom £112.82
81272000Wall Flange Socket, SteelFrom £5.81
81254111Curved Elbow Connector, 135° £46.62
81254200Curved Elbow Connector, 90° £25.54
81256230Ball Side Elbow Connector, 3 Way £23.19
81264200Curved Elbow Connector, 90° £28.01
81264210Curved Elbow Connector, 135° £28.01
81266130Ball Side Elbow Connector, 3 Way £73.70
81266140Ball Side Tee Connector, 4 Way £81.88
81256020Ball Cross Connector, 4 Way£23.22
81256100Ball Elbow Connector, 90°£20.57
81266210Ball Tee Connector, 3 Way £19.39
81256020Ball Cross Connector, 4 Way£60.99
81256100Ball Elbow Connector, 90°£37.72
81256240Ball Side Tee Connector, 4 WayFrom £24.39
81256280Ball End CapFrom £19.27