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For those who have limited mobility, it can be important to be able to live with as much independence as possible...
Kitchen cabinets should be installed after the plumbing and rough wiring is done, but before the flooring has been installed...
Whether a gleaming oak floor or a smoothly painted and finished wall- these finishes are made possible by the application of sandpaper...

Bar Fittings   Back to Hand and Foot Rails

81218090Glass Holder Rubber Foam Lining£1.81
81251230Streamline Bar Rail Bracket, Brass£22.41
81251830Streamline Bar Rail Bracket, Brass£17.54
81261800Railing Support Bracket, Brass£54.59
81261810Flat Centre Post, Upright, Brass£33.61
81256210Ball Tee Connector, 3 Way £21.02
81266280Ball End Cap£24.09
81260202Straight Railing Tube, BrassFrom £200.13
81262200Wall Flange Socket, BrassFrom £12.03
81263200Flat End Caps, Press Fit, BrassFrom £7.07
81252205Railing Support Tube Set for Ø38mm£54.63
81255200Glass Holder, Brass£17.44
81256050Ball Side Cross Connector, 5 WayFrom £71.25
81256070Angled CollarFrom £40.16
81256190Adjustable FlangeFrom £65.26
81261050Adjustable SaddleFrom £70.28
81261230Streamline Bar Rail Bracket, BrassFrom £20.48
81266020Ball Cross Connector, 4 WayFrom £81.88
81266050Ball Side Cross Connector, 5 WayFrom £30.57
81266070Angled CollarFrom £61.45
81251250Adjustable Saddle£31.82
81254210Angled Railing Connector, 135° £26.32
81256250Side Outlet, Ball Cross £27.83
81256260Ball Elbow, 135° £25.09
81256270Angled Collar £8.98
81256290Adjustable Flange £27.83
81250006Straight Railing Tube, SteelFrom £1008.31
81250202Straight Railing Tube, BrassFrom £154.92
81251200Railing Support Bracket, BrassFrom £50.95
81251210Flat Centre Post, Upright, BrassFrom £33.76
81251220Railing Support Bracket, BrassFrom £59.18
81252000Wall Flange Socket, SteelFrom £20.90
81252200Wall Flange Socket, BrassFrom £7.99
81253000Flat End Cap, Gluing, SteelFrom £11.08
81253200Flat End Caps, Press Fit, BrassFrom £6.02
81254000Tube Spigot Joint, Mild SteelFrom £4.94
81255000Glass Holder, BrassFrom £18.94
81260006Straight Railing Tube, SteelFrom £1104.42
81270006Straight Railing Tube, SteelFrom £112.82
81272000Wall Flange Socket, SteelFrom £5.81
81254111Curved Elbow Connector, 135° £46.62
81254200Curved Elbow Connector, 90° £25.54
81256230Ball Side Elbow Connector, 3 Way £23.19
81264200Curved Elbow Connector, 90° £28.01
81264210Curved Elbow Connector, 135° £28.01
81266130Ball Side Elbow Connector, 3 Way £73.70
81266140Ball Side Tee Connector, 4 Way £81.88
81256020Ball Cross Connector, 4 Way£23.22
81256100Ball Elbow Connector, 90°£20.57
81266210Ball Tee Connector, 3 Way £19.39
81256020Ball Cross Connector, 4 Way£60.99
81256100Ball Elbow Connector, 90°£37.72
81256240Ball Side Tee Connector, 4 WayFrom £24.39
81256280Ball End CapFrom £19.27