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PPE108AFit For The Job Boiler SuitFrom £1.60
PPE112AHi-Visability WaistcoatFrom £2.24
00744043ClickTraders Polo Shirt£3.09
00746020High Visability Waistcoat, Polyeste£3.19
00746039High Visability Bomber Jacket£43.11
00746233High Visability Trousers, Polyester£5.06
00746321High Visability Complete Suit£23.09
PPE124Black Rock Work Shorts£12.72
PPE114BHi-Visability Bomber Jacket£16.80
00746311Disposable Boiler SuitFrom £8.42
PPE109ABlackRock Thermal Vest£8.24
PPE111ADisposable Overshoes, Plastic £1.92
PPE113BHi-Visability Portland Jacket £32.77
PPE110ABlackRock Thermal Leggings£8.24
PPE110BWorkman Trousers £17.14

We stock lots of specialist safety and high visibility clothing. Some of the products included in our hi vis clothing range are bomber jackets, waistcoats, portland jackets, polyester trousers and construction jackets. These are ideal for using around a building site, or situations where you need to be seen such as riding a bicycle at night.

Other safety clothing stocked includes thermal leggings, disposable boiler suits, kevlar sleeves, plastic and disposable overshoes, thermal vests, gel knee pads and much more.

In the industrial and building industries these are essential supplies for all your employers. So take advantage of our wholesale prices and stock up of your safety clothing today.