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When it comes to designing a show home, it can be tempting to go with appearance over functionality...
Aventos lift systems provide an absolutely effortless way to open and close kitchen cabinets, as they open upwards no matter how heavy the cupboard door happens to be...
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a fundamental component of health and safety for any building environment...

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DR658000Blum Legrabox Glass Cutter Set£53.20
SF61D1500Blum Legrabox Flat Head Screw£5.32
ZC7A0P0CBlum Legrabox Ambia-Line Adapter£3.98
ZC7C000Blum Legrabox Ambia-Line Dispenser£51.59
ZC7G0P0IBlum Legrabox Ambia-Line Spice£32.09
ZC7M0200Blum Legrabox Ambia-Line Knife£20.99
ZF7K7002Blum Legrabox Front Fixing Bracket£0.40
ZF7N7002Blum Legrabox Front Fixing Bracket£0.53
ZI70M07Blum Legrabox Latch Set£4.53
ZMM0700Blum Legrabox BOXFIX E-L£91.84
ZC7S300RSUBlum Legrabox Ambia-Line Frame £25.89
ZB7C432OGBlum Legrabox £3.78
DR770K4502IBlum Legrabox Drawer Side SetFrom £19.72
DR770N4502IBlum Legrabox Drawer Side SetFrom £15.80
ZB7F000SGBlum Legrabox Wooden Back FixingFrom £2.64
ZB7K000SGBlum Legrabox Wooden Back FixingFrom £1.13
ZB7M000SBlum Legrabox Wooden Back FixingFrom £0.42
ZB7N000SGBlum Legrabox Wooden Back FixingFrom £0.95
ZC7F300RSUBlum Legrabox Ambia-Line FrameFrom £33.29
ZC7S450RS2Blum Legrabox Ambia-Line FrameFrom £20.10
ZE7W1082GBlum Legrabox High Glass DesignFrom £10.52
ZF7M7002Blum Legrabox Front Fixing BracketFrom £0.21
ZI70MI0Blum Legrabox Front Piece SetFrom £10.85
ZI72CI0Blum Legrabox Front Piece SetFrom £15.35
ZI73CI0Blum Legrabox Front Piece SetFrom £14.35
ZR71080UGBlum Legrabox Cross GalleryFrom £5.23
ZV71043MN1GBlum Legrabox Front PieceFrom £11.71
DR7502701BLBlum Legrabox Cabinet ProfileFrom £9.13
DR770C2702IBlum Legrabox Drawer Side SetFrom £10.21
DR770F4502IBlum Legrabox Drawer Side SetFrom £41.25
DR770M2702IBlum Legrabox Drawer Side SetFrom £5.11
DRT7502701MLegrabox for Tip-On BlumotionFrom £109.52
ZB7C000SLBlum Legrabox Wooden Back FixingFrom £0.57
ZC7S450BS3Blum Legrabox Ambia-Line InsertFrom £42.53
ZC7S450RS1Blum Legrabox Ambia-Line FrameFrom £16.40
ZF7C7002Blum Legrabox Front Fixing BracketFrom £0.49
ZV71043C01GBlum Legrabox Front PieceFrom £12.25