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Blum Metabox drawers are a simple combination of only a few components, meaning you save time and money when it comes to the installation process. These drawers embody quality, with its stable materials and careful assembly ensuring that anything you store within them is safe and secure. You can apply these tried and tested drawers with almost any application – from kitchens and hallways, to offices and bathrooms – there really isn’t a place where these drawers don’t belong.

Blum Metabox Drawers - High Quality, Few Components

Made from robust materials, the Blum Metabox drawer is suitable for nearly anywhere you might need a high quality drawer solution – it’s even suitable for workshops. When the materials are combined with careful craftsmanship, you know the results are going to be nothing but great. The drawers themselves emphasise stability and have a carrying capacity of up to 30 kg.

With our Metabox drawers, we also have the tried and tested Blumotion function available as an option for the Metabox single extension. This provides users with a smooth and secure way to open and close the drawers as its independent from the force used and the weight of the stored items. The Blum Metabox drawer is an incredibly efficient, practical and economical solution for your storage needs – in all standard applications; one unit is all you need.

For Top Quality Blum Metabox Drawers, Contact Us

Our Metabox drawers are some of the best on the market which means that you can be assured of their quality and reliability – they provide storage of heavier items and require little effort on your part when it comes to the installation process.

Of course, we’ll be with you every step of the way, so before you make any purchase with us and after your order is safely with you, we’ll be on hand to help you with any and all of your queries. For more information on our Blum Metabox drawers, contact us here

55850228Metal Drawer Sides, Self ClosingFrom £1.32
Z36H517SE01BLUM METABOX Single Wall Boxside£2.87
Z36M417SEBLUM METABOX Single Wall Boxside£2.05
Z37H367BLUM METABOX Single Wall Boxside£2.52
55562735Drawer Runners, Full ExtensionFrom £6.51
55562925Drawer Front Fixing Components£4.47
55562930Cover Cap, Plastic£2.67
55848809Stand Off Bracket, Plastic£0.24
DR2951000BLUM Drawer Front Adjuster, Nylon£0.19
DR2970500BLUM L Bracket£0.13
DR298BLUM Door Protector Roller£1.76
ZOU.30U.1IORGA-LINE Kitchen Tools£142.87
DR29553Anti Tilt Device £0.56
ZSD1200SBase Profile £1.27
DR29556BLUM Lock-Open Stop £0.75
55957705Divider Railing SetFrom £3.18
55994245Filing and Stop Rails, SteelFrom £21.72
ZIF3050BLUM Front Fixing Brackets£1.42
ZSF1200BLUM Metabox Clip Front Fix BracketFrom £0.74
ZSF1510LBLUM Metabox Front Fixing BracketFrom £1.48
ZSF1700BLUM Metabox Front Fixing BracketFrom £0.42
DR320H350BLUM METABOX Drawer Runner,Screw-OnFrom £8.46
DR320M270BLUM METABOX Drawer Runner,Screw-OnFrom £5.55
DR320N270BLUM METABOX Drawer Runner,Screw-OnFrom £5.55
ZRE321SBLUM Longside Gallery Rail SetFrom £3.47
DR330H350BLUM METABOX Drawer Runner,Screw-OnFrom £14.43
DR330K350BLUM METABOX Drawer RunnerFrom £12.47
DR320K350BLUM METABOX Drawer Runner,Screw-OnFrom £7.01
55562920Drawer Front Fixing ComponentsFrom £3.07
55563721Metal Drawer Sides, SteelFrom £10.87
DR330M270BLUM METABOX Drawer RunnerFrom £11.68