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One of the biggest trends in 2017 - which looks set to continue throughout the coming months - is to design rooms in private properties and businesses with an “industrial” theme...
Open plan and sectioned living space is becoming increasingly popular, and sliding doors are a great way to help your clients achieve their desired mix of openness and fluidity whilst retaining privacy...
Whether you're working on a renovation or a construction site, it's always important to go in prepared...

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Z40H000ABLUM Orgaline Divider Connector£0.78
ZRU101BIEBLUM Orgaline Gallery Connector£0.38
ZSI10VK17BLUM Orgaline Cutlery Tray£124.48
ZSI450B12BLUM Orgaline Cutlery Insert£28.02
ZSI450K12BLUM Orgaline Utensil Divider£31.40
ZSI550K12BLUM Orgaline Cutlery Tray£34.86
ZSI55VE16BLUM Orgaline Cutlery Tray£68.47
ZSZ01FOBLUM Orgaline Film Dispenser £28.82
ZSZ02FOBLUM Orgaline Foil Dispenser£27.02
ZSZ02M0BLUM Orgaline Knife Holder £17.84
ZFI60BUS6BLUM Orgaline High Fronted Pull Out£20.79
ZC7T0350BLUM Orgaline Plate Holder £31.25
Z40M497BLUM Orgaline Lateral DividerFrom £3.42
ZFI10BV16BLUM Orgaline Solid DividerFrom £18.90
ZFI80VI6BLUM Orgaline Solid DividerFrom £32.73
ZSI450MI3BLUM Orgaline Utensil DividerFrom £29.79
Z40H1771BLUM Orgaline Cross Divider£7.75
Z40H277IBLUM Orgaline Cross Divider£8.86
Z40H277SBLUM Orgaline Cross Divider£4.63
Z40H327IBLUM Orgaline Cross Divider£9.41
Z40H1077ABLUM Orgaline Cross DividerFrom £12.04
Z40H327SBLUM Orgaline Cross DividerFrom £4.58
Z40L0002BLUM Orgaline Divider ConnectorFrom £1.42
Z40L1077ABLUM Orgaline Cross Divider ProfileFrom £12.88
Z43H1005BLUM Orgaline Lateral DividerFrom £2.64
Z43L100SBLUM Orgaline Lateral DividerFrom £2.64
ZSI010QBLUM Orgaline Cross Divider, NylonFrom £0.97
ZSI010SIBLUM Orgaline BoxFrom £2.76
ZSI10VE14BLUM Orgaline Cutlery TrayFrom £86.15
ZSI12VE14BLUM Orgaline Utensil TrayFrom £96.99
ZSI450B11BLUM Orgaline Cutlery TrayFrom £21.43
ZSI450F12BLUM Orgaline Utensil DividerFrom £19.38
ZSI450K14BLUM Orgaline Utensil DividerFrom £43.85
ZSI50VE14BLUM Orgaline Cutlery TrayFrom £42.23
ZSI60VE14BLUM Orgaline Cutlery TrayFrom £46.07
ZSI90VE14BLUM Orgaline Cutlery TrayFrom £77.29
ZSI90VU14BLUM Orgaline Utensil TrayFrom £75.61
Z40L177ABBLUM Orgaline Cross DividerFrom £2.72
Z4830B017BLUM Orgaline Drip TrayFrom £28.66
Z49L372SBLUM Orgaline Adaptor ProfileFrom £1.91
ZFI30BZ14NBLUM Orgaline Bottle Storage TrayFrom £54.85
ZFZ30GBLUM Orgaline Spice Rack HolderFrom £12.35
ZIA130D2GYBLUM Antaro Front Fixing,Inner PullFrom £10.37
ZIA130M0GYBLUM Antaro Front Fixing,Inner PullFrom £7.18
ZSI10VU14BLUM Orgaline Utensil TrayFrom £84.47
ZSI12VE17BLUM Orgaline Utensil TrayFrom £94.13
ZSI450B13BLUM Orgaline Cutlery InsertFrom £33.20
ZSI450F13BLUM Orgaline Utensil DividerFrom £28.25
ZSI450FI1BLUM Orgaline Utensil DividerFrom £18.59
ZSI45VE14BLUM Orgaline Cutlery TrayFrom £51.53
ZSI60VU14BLUM Orgaline Utensil TrayFrom £45.49
ZSI80VE14BLUM Orgaline Cutlery TrayFrom £67.35
ZSI80VU14BLUM Orgaline Utensil TrayFrom £65.38