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Roller Runners   Back to BLUM Drawer Runners

Our supply of Blum roller runners is near endless – stocking some of the more common roller drawer runners to the more obscure ones. We realise that every project’s different, and will need different styles of drawers, which is why our stock of roller drawer runners is extensive – including side and base fix, side mounted, extension, concealed, soft close, among many more.

High Quality Roller Drawer Runners from Blum

 When it comes to our selection of roller drawer runners, you can be rest assured that maximum quality and effectiveness can be assured as we stock some of the top brands, such as roller runners from Blum. These roller runners have been made to the highest standard which means that your drawers will hold strong while also being smooth once pulled.

Our range of roller drawer runners is not only extensive, but it’s also an incredible value for money. Our roller runners can be fitted to almost any unit, so any preferences you have can be fulfilled by us. We also stock different runners based on their handling of the drawers themselves – soft close, concealed and full extension runner are all available.

Contact Us for More Information On Our Roller Drawer Runners

Our roller drawer rollers are second to none, but they’re not the only things that are second to none here at Blum, as our customer service is also unbeaten! Not only are we on hand to talk you through our products and how they can help you, but we’re also there once you’ve made your order – and we’ll continue to be there once your order has made it safely to you, so that if there’s anything else you need, anything at all, we’ll be able to help.

To find out more about our Blum roller runners, contact us here

DR45291QuadroV6 Silent System Drawer SlideFrom £0.56
03793708Spacer, PlasticFrom £1.36
42068182Drawer Runners, Single ExtensionFrom £1.57
42100730Shelf Runners, Single ExtensionFrom £7.07
42108109Drawer Runners, Single ExtensionFrom £34.42
42134735Grass Concealed Dynamic RunnersFrom £7.06
42148381EKU Forte Pull Out Cupboard RunnerFrom £350.94
42175740Drawer Runners, Single ExtensionFrom £9.85
42180930Drawer Runners, Single ExtensionFrom £6.04
42303840Drawer Runners, Single ExtensionFrom £1.98
42308131Drawer Runners, Single ExtensionFrom £0.38
42344125Drawer Runners, Single ExtensionFrom £0.55
42346721Drawer Runners, Full ExtensionFrom £21.90
42368135Drawer Runners, Single ExtensionFrom £19.04
42550241Drawer Side with Variant S+ RunnersFrom £64.41
43015701Guide RailFrom £0.56
43300730Marc Concealed RunnerFrom £15.38
43310530Concealed Undermount Drawer RunnerFrom £12.60
DR22025Drawer Runner, Side FixFrom £1.12
DR22035Drawer Runner, Side MountedFrom £1.41
DR23025BLUM Drawer Runner, Base FixFrom £2.47
DR383CIDouble Extension Runner, BudgetFrom £3.42
DR430250BLUM Double Extension RunnerFrom £8.91
DR905AItalian Roller Runner, Base FixFrom £1.06
42242335Mounting BracketFrom £1.79
43244630Drawer Runner, Roller ActionFrom £5.66
43244731Drawer Runner, Ball BearingFrom £12.39
43244925Drawer Runners, Full ExtensionFrom £131.22
43244926Drawer Runner, Ball BearingFrom £4.71
42148000Connecting Set for Forte Cupboard£50.27
42344472Self Closing Roller Runners, Steel£0.92
43009150Draw Stop, Plastic£0.10
43015765Guide Track, Plastic£0.69
43090320Drawer Front Adjuster, Plastic£0.65
42148021EKU Forte Soft-Closing Set£116.79
43034724Guide Rail for Drawers £2.32
40567090EKU Regal Fixing Clip £0.85
42148030EKU Forte Add-on Panel £71.42
43310030Concealed Undermount Fixing Clips £1.31
43300000Marc Bracket £1.51
DR910Pocket Sliding Door, Inset£18.29
DR940Double Wheel Runner£0.96
DR948Blum Video Runner£5.60
DR4070Slide Runner with Soft Close £15.62
DR2030CDrawer Runner with Drop Front£13.98
DR41362Ball Bearing Slide Runner£20.25
DR90635Italian Drawer Runners,Side Mounted£1.44