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Hart Wholesale | BLUM Drawer Runners | Tandembox Antaro

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Our Blum Antaro drawers system has been making a serious impression on furniture users and manufacturers for a while now, with its proven technology and ease of use. The TANDEMBOX has a clear style – designed to be combined with a gallery or with design elements to create a closed container. Blum Antaro drawers are made as proven technology meeting a minimalist design– a design ensured by the colour co-ordination of the components.

Minimalist Style with a Sophisticated Edge

TANDEMBOX Blum Antaro drawers are the creation of a more sophisticated design and a modular product that provides better design solutions. The simple yet effective colour co-ordination of the components and the clear lines emphasis reflect the simple product design of TANDEMBOX Antaro.

With our drawers, you’re spoiled for choice in colour and material options – from silk white and white aluminium to the more modern stainless steel and terra black colours. The inner pull-out front fixing is made of the same material while the colour of the nylon parts will be made to match that of the drawer sides. It’s all about style when it comes to our Blum Antaro drawers. We also have a range of nominal lengths available – from 270mm to 650mm so we have a solution for everyone.

For your Full Blum Antaro Drawer Options – Contact Us

With our vast and elegant range of Drawers, there are near limitless options so if you’d like to find out more, all you have to do is get in touch with us. Here at Blum, we pride ourselves on our products as well as our customer service – we have a dedicated and knowledgeable team who can help you with anything you need.


So, if you want to find out more about our Blum Antaro drawers, simply contact us

DR400WDBLUM Antaro DrawerFrom £20.87
ZRGW207ABLUM Antaro Gallery RailFrom £2.34
ZRGW437CBLUM ANTARO Rectangle Gallery Rail£5.08
DR378NG400PRBLUM Antaro Tandembox Drawer Sides£12.93
DR378NG450PRBLUM Antaro Tandembox Drawer Sides£13.05
DR378NW400PRBLUM Antaro Tandembox Drawer Sides£13.19
DR378NW450PRBLUM Antaro Tandembox Drawer Sides£13.44
DR378NW500BLUM Antaro Tandembox Drawer Sides£13.17
Z40D0002ZSWBLUM ANTARO End Piece Set£2.83
ZRGB337BLUM Antaro Gallery Rail£4.56
ZRGB487PRBLUM Antaro Gallery Rail£4.90
DR378KG270PRBLUM Antaro Drawer Side, K HeightFrom £16.98
DR378KW400PRBLUM Antaro Drawer Side, K HeightFrom £17.08
DR378MB270PRBLUM Antaro Tandembox Drawer SidesFrom £11.07
DR378MG270PRBLUM Antaro Drawer Sides, M HeightFrom £11.80
DR378MG4504SGBLUM Antaro Sink Drawer SideFrom £6.31
DR378MS270PRBLUM ANTARO Tandembox Drawer SidesFrom £21.63
DR378MW270BLUM ANTARO Tandembox Drawer SidesFrom £4.92
Z30C000SLV50R906BLUM ANTARO C Back BracketFrom £0.92
Z37R417DAntaro Design Element GlassFrom £14.18
Z40C002100SEIWBLUM ANTARO End PieceFrom £1.26
ZIF71KGBLUM Tandembox Front Fixing BracketFrom £3.70
ZIF71MDGBLUM Tandembox Front Fixing BracketFrom £0.63
ZIF74D0BLUM Front Fixing BracketFrom £1.27
ZRG387RSIELBLUM ANTARO Rectangle Gallery RailFrom £2.47
ZRGG207BLUM Antaro Gallery RailFrom £3.99
ZRGS207BLUM Antaro Gallery RailFrom £8.97
ZRGW437RSIEBLUM ANTARO Rectangle Gallery RailFrom £2.50
Z31L1036AMMBLUM INTIVO/ANTARO Drawer Front£11.13
Z40L1077AMBLUM INTIVO/ANTARO Cross Divider£12.34
Z43L100SMBLUM INTIVO/ANTARO Lateral Divider£2.53
ZIL455MBBLUM ANTARO Box Front InnerFrom £12.73