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Hart Wholesale | BLUM Drawer Runners | Tandembox Intivo

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TANDEMBOX intivo has a special drawer side which lets you personalise your design. You can either opt for a sleek and classic design with BOXCAP, an add-on in the same material and colour as the drawer side; or pick a design element of your choice attached with a BOXCOVER. Closed and seamless side panels produce a harmonious result.

TANDEMBOX intivo has a consistent colour scheme. Drawer side, BOXCOVER, BOXCAP and the front parts of inner pull-outs are all coordinated in terms of colour and material.

  • Selection of colours and materials: Silk white, terra black, stainless steel
  • Inner pull-out front fixing is made of the same material; the colour of nylon parts matches that of drawer sides
  • Installation heights: N, M, C (with BOXCOVER) and D (with BOXCOVER and BOXCAP)
  • Nominal lengths: 270 - 650 mm
DR358NB450BLUM INTIVO Tandembox Drawer Sides £14.18
Z31A0008BLUM Locking Piece£0.21
Z40L0002MBLUM INTIVO End Piece£1.42
DR358M450SMGBLUM INTIVO Sink Drawer Side £14.05
Z30NB535BLUM INTIVO Tandembox Steel Back £2.64
Z30N000SWBLUM INTIVO Back Fixing Brackets £1.18
DR358MW5004BLUM INTIVO Sink Drawer Side£14.88
Z30NB000BLUM INTIVO Back Fixing Brackets£1.78
DR378LB270PRBLUM INTIVO Tandembox Drawer SidesFrom £18.57
Z30D00SLBLUM INTIVO Back Fixing BracketsFrom £4.06
Z37G210DBLUM INTIVO Tandembox Side ElementFrom £8.71
ZFL10BUS4BLUM INTIVO ORGALINE Universal SetFrom £12.41
ZFL30BFS4MBLUM INTIVO S.Steel Bottle TrayFrom £48.12
Z37L440SDRL4SEIWBLUM INTIVO D BoxcapsFrom £10.52
Z30MW235BLUM INTIVO Tandembox Steel BackFrom £1.81
Z31L1036ABLUM ANTARO Front Piece No GrooveFrom £10.99
Z31L1036AMBLUM Antaro Front PieceFrom £5.12
Z31L1036ANBLUM INTIVO Front Piece with GrooveFrom £11.62
Z36L002BLBLUM INTIVO Boxcover BracketsFrom £6.05
Z36L002G2SLBLUM INTIVO D Box CoverFrom £1.24
ZIF80M001FROHLBLUM INTIVO M Drawer Front BracketsFrom £3.52
ZIF80M5BLUM INTIVO Tandembox HandleFrom £3.07
ZIF80M5WBLUM INTIVO/ANTARO M Drawer HandleFrom £3.07
ZIF80M7BLUM INTIVO Tandembox HandleFrom £4.74
ZIF80MOBLUM INTIVO Tandembox Front BracketFrom £9.19
ZIF81D001FROHLBLUM INTIVO D Front BracketsFrom £6.61
ZIF81DOBLUM INTIVO Tandembox Front BracketFrom £15.10
ZIF82D001FROHLBLUM INTIVO D Front BracketsFrom £6.61
ZIF82DO01BBLUM INTIVO Tandembox Front BracketFrom £15.10
ZSF340EMBLUM INTIVO Tandembox Space CornerFrom £9.07
ZSF5220BLUM INTIVO Tandembox Front BracketFrom £0.71
ZSF535EDBLUM INTIVO D Rigid Space CornerFrom £12.51
DR359LG650LBLUM INTIVO Tandembox Drawer SidesFrom £10.91
DR378LG400LBLUM INTIVO D Drawer SideFrom £8.00
DR378LW270LBLUM INTIVO Tandembox Drawer SidesFrom £23.96
Z30N535BLUM INTIVO Tandembox Steel BackFrom £2.64
Z37L260SDBLUM INTIVO Tandembox BoxcapFrom £9.91
Z46L420SBBLUM INTIVO D Divider Wall AdapterFrom £21.39
Z49L422SMBLUM INTIVO D Adapter ProfileFrom £2.04
ZAA532BBLUM Cover CapFrom £0.08
ZIL255DR01VORDSTBLUM INTIVO D Inner Drawer FrontFrom £21.25
ZIL255MA01VORDSTBLUM INTIVO M Inner Drawer FrontFrom £12.79