Blum Hinges

Our range of Blum angle hinges offers a variety of motion types, from +110 degrees to -15 degrees, providing the persistence and flexibility you need to complete your projects.

Each project is unique and will require different approaches and hinges to complete them to the highest standard. For example, some designs, such as small kitchen spaces, will be more challenging and need special solutions, such as magic corners and Blum kitchen hinges. To make sure that they open effectively and make the most use of the small space, we offer numerous Blum hinge types. You will find specialist hinges from -45 degrees to wide-angle hinges for up to +170 degrees. Our wide range will meet all your requirements, regardless of what your project is.

Blum Blumotion Soft Close Hinges

Many of our Blum hinges use Blum Blumotion soft-close technology, which is a great solution for someone who wants a high-quality finish. These Blum soft-close hinges reduce the energy put into closing the door and provide quiet and slow door closing – ideal for busy households or those worried about slamming noisy doors. Our soft-close technology is integrated into Blum soft-close hinges so that it’s not seen from the outside — a perfect solution to reduce unwanted noise with no unsightly hardware.  

Blumotion Hinges for Various Applications

We offer a wide range of Blum Blumotion hinges for various applications, including Blum clip on hinges. These clip-on hinges are versatile and can be used for various types of doors and cabinets, such as kitchen cupboards, bathroom vanities, or even office furniture, offering easy installation and removal for any adjustments or renovations. Different projects will require different solutions; that’s why, at Hart Wholesale, you will find numerous options; let’s take a look:

·        Corner Hinges: Corner hinges are designed for cabinets where the door meets at a 90-degree angle. Our Blum cabinet hinges make opening and closing corner cabinet doors simple and efficient.

·        Dual Hinges: Dual hinges have two points that allow for the door to swing in multiple directions. They offer more flexibility in opening and closing the doors, especially in tight spaces.

·        Half Overlay Hinges: Half overlay hinges are used when two doors cover half of the frame each, providing a clean and balanced look. They make sure both doors close securely without interfering with each other.

·        Inset Hinges: Inset hinges are perfect for doors that have cabinet frames, giving a seamless appearance. They keep the door aligned with its frame when opened and closed.

·        Overlay Hinges: Overlay hinges are used when the door covers the entire cabinet frame for a full-covered look. They provide a strong and secure attachment while keeping the door properly aligned.


Here at Hart Wholesale, in addition to this selection of Blum angle hinges, we offer a wide range of Blum products, including the Blumotion. We choose the highest quality products and offer them at the best possible prices, allowing you to keep costs down while the standards remain high.

If you'd like more information, or if there is a specific product that you're looking for that isn't shown here, please get in touch with our team at 01702 614044. We'll be happy to advise you on available products. We can also source specific items on request.



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