Servo Drive by Blum

Servo Drive by Blum means you need just one system for the entire kitchen. For both wall cabinets and base units. This innovative technology can bring a sense of wonder to any room with storage, but they are a stylish way to improve a kitchen workspace.
The electric motion support system by Blum is mesmerizingly easy. Lift systems and pull-outs open by themselves with a single touch and close again softly and effortlessly with BLUMOTION. No modifications to existing pull-out systems or lift systems are needed to equip them with a servo drive unit. The results will be astonishing as you can automatically access your storage spaces with a simple touch.

Improved User Experience

Lift systems and pull-outs are an excellent way of ensuring the condition of your kitchen aesthetics. Not only do they make accessing your storage far more accessible, but they prevent accidental slamming that will cause damage to the surrounding units. Users can stop pull-outs and wall cabinets in any position and set them in motion again when they want to. In the event of power failure, the fittings are still fully functional.
These electrical and mechanical components can provide a stunning result as your entire kitchen space can be used efficiently without needing handles everywhere. In addition, the design and function of this highly sought-after component have made servo drive units an internationally acclaimed choice for individuals who want to get the most out of their bathrooms.

Blum Servo Drive at Hart Wholesale

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