Help Your Clients Get Their House Market Ready

By Martin Hart on Wed 04 March 2020

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When your clients are getting their home ready to put on the market, there are some generally obvious things they can do to help it sell: depersonalising it as much as possible, getting rid of any clutter and opting for neutral colours where possible.

There are also ways that you can help add value too, by advising them on quite straightforward jobs that you can carry out for them that won't blow the budget.

The Kitchen
Nowadays the kitchen is the showpiece area of any home. We don’t just cook and eat there, we do homework in it, catch up after a long day in it and watch television in it. As personal taste differs so much, experts believe it’s simply not worth installing a completely new kitchen before putting a house on the market, as new owners may just rip it out and the chances are that the seller won’t recoup the money spent on installing it.
Depending on the condition of your client's kitchen, you may advise them on some cost effective cosmetic touches that you can carry out for them. These will add a modern, contemporary design without the expense of installing a completely new kitchen.
  • Buy and install new kitchen doors – Replacing worn or tired kitchen doors with new ones will give any kitchen an instant, yet cost effective facelift and a new lease of life. Buying wholesale kitchen doors for several clients at once can be even more cost effective.
  • Check and replace any broken or worn looking kitchen doorknobs and cabinet handles - These are easy to replace and finishing touches that will make a real difference to the appearance of the kitchen
  • Consider a lick of paint – Freshening up the paintwork can brighten up the kitchen for fresh eyes, be careful to choose neutral colours that will provide a blank canvas for the new owners.

The Bathroom
The bathroom is probably the second most important room in the house. So again, while you may advise your clients against a completely new bathroom installation, people want to feel that they can move into a house without having to do any immediate work to this room. The secret here is to keep things simple and make this room look tidy and organised.
Stylish storage solutions such as sleek shelves and cabinets will do the trick here. Make sure your clients select the right shape, size and design to suit the shape and size of their bathroom and the style of their suite. For all your stock and wholesale products, contact the team at Hart Wholesale today.


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