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HI175810BLUM Cruciform Mounting PlateFrom £0.40
HI177H510BLUM Narrow Mounting PlateFrom £0.49
HI1715010BLUM Angle Spacer Plate £0.37
HI1715040BLUM Angle Spacer Plate £0.51
HI1715070BLUM Angle Spacer Plate £0.60
HI1715500BLUM Angle Spacer Plate £0.45
HI173610BLUM Cruciform Mounting Plate£0.14
HI173613BLUM Cruciform Mounting Plate £0.16
HI173710BLUM Cruciform Cam Mounting Plate£0.35
HI173713BLUM Cruciform Cam Mounting Plate £0.40
HI173810BLUM Cruciform Mounting Plate, Wide£0.21
HI173813BLUM Cruciform Mounting Plate, Wide £0.24
HI173L8300BLUM Cruciform Mounting T Plate£0.21
HI174E610BLUM Cruciform Mounting Plate£0.21
HI174H7100EBLUM Cruciform Cam Mounting Plate£0.43
HI174H7130EBLUM Cruciform Cam Mounting Plate £0.48
HI174L6100.05BLUM Cruciform Mounting Plate£0.21
HI1755430BLUM Narrow Mounting Plate£0.55
HI175610BLUM Cruciform Mounting Plate, Clip£0.35
HI175710BLUM Cruciform Mounting Plate£0.48
HI175713BLUM Cruciform Mounting Plate£0.56
HI175719BLUM Cruciform Mounting Plate £0.78
HI1757190.22BLUM Cruciform Mounting Plate£1.13
HI175810.21BLUM Cruciform Mounting Plate, Twin£0.45
HI175813BLUM Cruciform Mounting Plate, Thin £0.47
HI175819BLUM Cruciform Mounting Plate, Thin £0.72
HI175910BLUM Cruciform Mounting Plate£0.51
HI175913BLUM Cruciform Mounting Plate£0.56
HI1759160BLUM Cruciform Mounting Plate£0.73
HI1759190BLUM Cruciform Mounting Plate£0.78
HI1759190.22BLUM Cruciform Mounting Plate£1.16
HI175H5400BLUM Narrow Mounting Plate£0.51
HI193610BLUM Cruciform Mounting Plate£0.17
HI193613BLUM Cruciform Mounting Plate £0.19
HI193810BLUM Cruciform Mounting Plate£0.25
HI193813BLUM Cruciform Mounting Plate £0.27
HI194K6100EBLUM MODUL Cruciform Mounting Plate£0.38
HI195710BLUM Cruciform Mounting Plate£0.59
HI195713BLUM Cruciform Mounting Plate £0.63
HI195719BLUM Cruciform Mounting Plate £0.89
HI1998130BLUM Cruciform Blind Mounting Plate£0.60
HI706103BLUM Opening Angle Stop 130°£0.30
HI998ASalice Plate with Euro Screw£0.55
HI174E6130.01BLUM Cruciform Mounting Plate£0.24
HI175L660BLUM CLIP Mounting Plate £0.58
HI177H5400EBLUM Narrow Mounting Plate £0.59
HI177H5430EBLUM Narrow Mounting Plate £0.63

When you install Blum hinges, you will of course need the correct Blum mounting plate; whether you're looking for a cruciform, narrow or angled Blum plate, here at Hart Wholesale we have an excellent range to meet all your needs.

Combined with a CLIPTOP hinge, the Blum mounting plate gives you simple, straightforward application as the hinge clips to the plate without the need for any tools. In addition, the wide range of plates available means that it's always easy to find the right Blum plate for any application - including both frameless and face frame cabinets.

When working with unusual shaped rooms, you can choose an angled Blum mounting plate to create a hinge which opens to exactly the required angle, helping you to create efficient and practical cupboards and cabinets.

Don't forget to check out our full range of Blum hinges, including Blumotion, Cliptop, Inserta and more - we have an extensive range so we're sure that you will be able to find the right one for any design or application! As specialist suppliers to the hardware and manufacturing trades, we are able to offer a great range of products at wholesale prices, with prompt delivery and very reasonable delivery charges to help you keep overheads down whilst maintaining the highest possible standards.

For more information on our range, or to ask our team about our products, please contact us on 01702 614044. We're always happy to help and offer advice, whether you need to find the right Blum plate for your hinge or you're looking for a particular fixture for a special project. If you can't see what you're looking for online, let us know and we'll endeavour to source it for you.