Bison Kit: Why is it Becoming Increasingly Common in the Hardware Trade?

By Martin Hart on Tue 10 December 2019



Ensuring that components are securely connected is a must for anyone in the hardware business. All units and components for every fixture in every room must be solid and long lasting, whilst also being able to withstand constant usage and remain aesthetically pleasing.

What is it?

Bison Kit is a liquid adhesive which can be used to glue any materials together. By bonding things together immediately, it removes the need for nails or screws, whilst also being far simpler to use on a wider variety of materials.

Not only is this adhesive moisture and frost resistant, it has been proven to remain strong and stable between -40 and +70 degrees Celsius, proving that it really is suitable for any place and any situation. Bison Kit is also suitable for materials which undergo a lot of usage or constant stress, such as cabinet handles or blum antaro drawers, meaning it can truly replace the need for traditional screws and nails, whilst being far easier and more efficient for tradesmen to use.

What Exactly Does it do?

Initially formulated to provide excellent surface bonding, or the laminating of materials which require immediate processing, loading or bonding, Bison Kit is incredibly flexible and is perfect for a huge range of materials:

  • Wood
  • Chipboard
  • Veneer
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Vinyl
  • Rubber
  • Foam
  • Cork
  • Leather
  • Canvas
  • Sound insulation
  • Linoleum

Bison Kit also is also suitable for any number of more domestic uses, including shoe repairs, creating bags and toys and any handicraft projects.

How Do You Use it?


Bison Kit works most effectively at room temperature, in an environment with a low humidity. Due to its incredibly strong adhesive nature, it is difficult to un-stick items after use, so ensure that all measurements are correct before use. Parts being stuck together must be clean, free from grease and dust. The product does not need to be diluted, and only requires a brush or glue spreader of the appropriate size for application.

During the procedure

It is well worth covering both parts with Bison Kit to give the joining greater strength. The item only needs to dry for between 10 and 40 minutes depending on the size and amount of adhesive used, meaning that results can be seen extremely quickly. In the case of items which will undergo heavy usage or continuous stress, the final bonding strength can be increased with continuous pressure, applied during the drying process.


Unlike many other adhesive products, it is incredibly easy to remove excess Bison Kit; there is a Bison Kit degreaser which is specifically designed for this purpose, giving users the peace of mind that accidents or over application can easily be solved. Unused Bison Kit should be sealed after use and can be stored almost anywhere with a cool temperature. Bison Kits have a shelf life of at least two years, making them a great investment.

As such, it's easy to see why Bison Kit is becoming increasingly popular. It is well worth stocking up on the product, especially as autumn is fast approaching and many clients will require work to be completed before the weather turns.

At Hart Wholesale, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible wholesale products to manufacturers and those within the hardware industry at excellent prices. Having clients across the whole industry - and many years of experience - we are confident that we are experts in what we do. For more information about the products we supply contact us directly, and we will be happy to help you.


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