Brighten Up Your Home with Lighting This Winter

By Martin Hart on Fri 13 November 2020

As we head into winter, the shorter days and longer nights are going to mean that your home is left in the dark. Too many dark hours can negatively impact sleep schedules and our general well-being, so it’s important to make sure you don’t come home to a poorly lit, dark house.



Fortunately, there are plenty of tips and tricks that you can do with lighting to boost the brightness in your home and banish those winter blues. Here's a look at some of the ways you can accomplish this.

Change Your Lightbulbs

Different light bulbs can produce different kinds of light. Lightbulbs come in a variety of warm and cool tones, and there's a big difference in the atmosphere that these different light tones can create in a space.

Cool tones generally provide more light, but warmer tones emit a soft, pleasing glow that isn't as harsh. Warm light is usually better for bedrooms as they create a softer atmosphere that can be more conducive to sleep. But cool-tone lights are more suitable for places where visibility is needed, like in the kitchen.

To know which bulbs are best, use the Kelvin temperature scale. White light bulbs tend to be between 2,700 and 6,500 Kelvin, a lower number indicates a warmer, more yellow light, and a higher number will give you a brighter, cooler light. Try out the different light tones in various rooms and see which work best for you.



Consider the Colours


The colour of your décor will seriously impact how light works in your home. Dark paint, for example, will absorb light, so darker colours are best avoided if you want to try and make the space as bright as possible. You should only opt for dark walls and furniture if the room has plenty of windows to let in natural light; otherwise, you risk creating a very dark space.

On the other hand, going with too much white is not a great idea. White will help to create a brighter, cleaner looking space, but if it's all the same shade, then it will wash everything out and make the room look flat. So make sure you add some warmer tones into the mix to make the space seem cosy without it being overpowered by colour. Pastel colours are always a great choice to create a brighter room with a splash of colour.



Use Mirrors to Create More Light


Using mirrors is a great way to create more light in a space without actually bringing in any additional lights. The reflective surface will help to create the illusion of a lighter space, especially if you position it opposite a window so it can catch the natural light.

You can use mirrors for practicality or even create an art installation using lots of small mirrors clustered together. Get creative with your mirrors and see where you can place them on your walls to reflect light the best.



Hang Bright Artwork


Too many bright colours in a room can make it look garish and unappealing, but it's also important to get a splash of colour in there, so the space doesn't get washed out. Artwork can be a great solution to both add a touch of colour to a room and brighten the place up.

Just make sure you don't hang artwork directly in front of a window, as long-term exposure to sunlight can cause images to fade over time. But when placed strategically around a room on blank spaces of wall, bright artwork can help to add a touch of light and wonderful brightness to an otherwise dark area.



Find Unusual Places for Light


Light doesn't just have to be on the ceiling or freestanding in the form of a lamp; there are so many creative and innovative ways that you can place lights in a room to make the space brighter.

Consider under counter kitchen lights, a fantastic way to add more light to a kitchen without having to take up space using freestanding lights. The kitchen is a room that will always need a substantial light source; no one likes cooking in the dark. Well, with under counter lights, you can brighten up the room at the touch of a button and get cooking even though it's pitch black outside. You can also use LED cabinet lights to illuminate darker spots in the kitchen, brightening up worktops.

You could also try light shelves, which are shelves with lights incorporated into them, making them both a useful shelf for resting objects and lighting up the room. These make a great addition to bathrooms, holding up bathroom products in front of the mirror while illuminating gently from beneath, providing more light in the room.




There are lots of ways to lights up rooms in unique, creative ways, and at Hart Wholesale, we can help. We have extensive experience providing wholesale products ranging from kitchen fittingsdoor componentscabinet handles and much more. Contact us today to learn more.


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