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HI78C450BTBLUM Cristallo GlassDoor Hinge 125°£4.32
HI70T4568CBLUM Cristallo Adhesion Plate£2.93
HI71B4500CBLUM Cristallo GlassDoor Hinge 110°£5.52
HI78C4568BLUM Cristallo Adhesion Plate£2.93
HI79C4500TBLUM Cristallo GlassDoor Hinge 125°£4.32
HI75420BLUM ½Overlay Glass Door Hinge 94°£2.12
HI79A4105TBLUM CLIP Top Glass Hinge +20°£3.17
HI71T950ABBLUMOTION Overlay Frame Hinge 95° £2.36
HI7541GBLUM Overlay Glass Door Hinge 94° £2.00
HI7543BLUM Inset Glass Door Hinge 94° £2.13
HI78C4568MBLUM Cristallo Adhesion Plate£0.75
HI79A0555BLUM Clip Mini Hinge +20°II £2.83
HI79A4108.TBLUM Clip Top Glass Door Hinge +45° £3.17
HI79C45SETBLUM Cristallo Glass Door Hinge £7.71
HI79CUSETBLUM Cristallo Glass Door Hinge £7.71
HI84412BLUM Boss D Cover Cap£1.32
HI84412BBLUM Boss D Cover Cap£0.74
HI84412CPBLUM Boss D Cover Cap£1.32
HI84412GBLUM Boss D Cover Cap£1.58
HI84414BLUM Boss Round Cover Cap£1.32
HI84414BBLUM Boss Round Cover Cap£0.74
HI84414CPBLUM Boss Round Cover Cap£1.32
HI84414GBLUM Boss Round Cover Cap£1.58
HI973A9000BLUMOTION 973A for Cristallo Hinges£2.09
HI78T9550.TLBlum Blind Corner Hinge 95°£1.51

If your project requires glass doors, then you need to use the right hinges - many are unsuitable for attaching to such delicate material. Blum glass hinges are specifically designed for the purpose, with a range of angles available to suit your requirements. In this section of the website, you'll find our selection of Blum glass door hinges, offering you everything you need to create stunning glass door units.

Whatever room you're designing for, whether it's the kitchen, living room or bathroom, Blum glass hinges allow you to build fashionable and aesthetically pleasing glass doors without the need for bulky frames.

With a wide choice of specifically designed hinges, including the Cristallo and Clip Top styles, and even including Blum glass door hinges with Blumotion, you'll be able to find the right one for any product. We also have a selection of cover caps for the perfect, sleek finishing touch.

Here at Hart Wholesale, we know that our customers take the greatest care in their products, so we aim to assist by offering only the best quality products, and by providing a range to suit all possible applications. With an established reputation for excellence, Blum glass hinges are reliable and effective, making them a great choice for any tradesman. As with all our products, we offer excellent wholesale prices, with online payment available for UK customers. Don't forget to browse the other sections of our site for any other tools, fittings or fixtures that you might need.

For more information on our Blum glass door hinges, or if you're looking for something in particular for your next project that you haven't seen on our website, please get in touch with our professional and helpful team - we'll be happy to help.